4 Ways Your POS can Help Increase Holiday Sales

Business owners know that the festive season is guaranteed to be the busiest time in retail and that holiday sales is set to increase. Customers flock to stores to buy gifts for their loved ones or to browse during the time off. Take advantage of this busy season by leveraging what your Point of Sale system can do for you during the holidays. Cloud-based Point of Sale systems have many features that can be used in creative ways to help you increase your holiday sales.

Access to Quality Business Data- Inventory

Firstly, your point of sale system can give you quality business data that can make help you make more informed business decisions. For example, you can review the previous years’ sales data in order to evaluate sales trends. You can then create a baseline forecast for sale trends for the approaching holiday season. Creating an accurate forecast is vital to helping you work on a more informed inventory strategy.

By consulting the previous year’s sales you can predict what the hot ticket item will be. Based on this information you can make a more informed decision about how much inventory to order. You can also use that data to decide how to set-up your store. For example, you can display your best-sellers at the front of your store and perhaps add a discount to items that are not selling so well.

Access to Quality Business Data- Staffing and Business Hours

Having a Cloud-based Point of Sale also give you the ability to forecast staffing and business hours. Using your POS reports you can also track when your peak sales hours were in previous years. For example, if you have many sales around closing time you should consider extending your business hours. These kinds of reports can also help you consider whether you need to hire more seasonal staff for your expected customer traffic increase. You can also use this data to ensure that you schedule staff shift correctly so that you are never understaffed and overwhelmed during peak hours.

All things Mobile- POS capabilities and Mobile Wallets

Seeing a line that wraps around the corner of the check out counter can easily make employees and managers feel overwhelmed and complicated transactions can hold up the line. Many POS systems these days have are mobile, which allows your staff to ring up sales anywhere in the store. Not only does this make the payment process more convenient for customers it also helps to reduce congestion at the checkout counter. Staff can also make use of customer data stored in your mobile POS system to create compelling holiday sales pitches. Your staff can also up-sell or make more sales by meeting to customer directly at the point of decision (e.g., in the aisles or right next to the shelves).

Many POS systems can also now accept Mobile Wallet Payments, such as SnapScan and Zapper. These kinds of mobile payments make paying more convenient for customers and also reduce the time spent at the register. This will help flow the queue in the store and allow more customers to pay if they do not have a card or cash on hand.

Loyalty Programmes Promoting Holiday Sales

One of the best ways to boost holiday sales, as well as pre-holiday sales, is to reach out to your existing customer base. Your POS system can also help you understand who your top customers are and their buying habits. This kind of data can help you identify your most loyal customers and you can use this data to offer them incentives to ensure that they return to your store. You can offer loyal customers a customer loyalty perk, such as specific sales specials ahead of the holiday season. You can also create a special holiday referral program for your current customers by rewarding them for referring a friend. Find ways to motivate current customers to buy personalised gift cards for your store. These gift cards can provide your current customers with more flexible gift options and help you gain more new customers in the future.

For many customers, holiday shopping can be quite stressful, but with a quality Point of Sale system, your business can provide excellent customer service. Happy customers are likely to spend more and refer your business to others. It is clear that if you leverage your POS features to do so and increase your holiday sales.

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