5 Myths About Cloud Point of Sale Software

Businesses embracing technology seems to be the natural progression of business growth and it is clear that businesses who do so stand out amongst their competitors. Despite this, there are still many business owners who have their doubts based on assumptions and incorrect myths surrounding technology such as Cloud-based Point of Sale Software.

The TallOrder POS Team is here to bust some of these myths:

POS Systems are Hard to Use

With the development of technology, POS software has been specifically designed to be easy to use and accessible. You no longer have to be a computer genius to operate a POS System. Most Point of Sale software these days are designed in such a way that staff with all levels of skill sets can easily use it. A quality Point of Sale software company should provide adequate training and support to staff so that they can train and empower other employees.

The Myth of Free POS

If you are a business looking to invest in POS software or want to change the software that you are currently using, be wary of companies claiming to provide free POS software. Firstly, these kinds of companies often have a number of hidden costs, in the form of expensive hardware costs, pricey installation and support fees.

Secondly, they may be providing a so-called “free” platform, but these platforms greatly lack the full functionality associated with a full POS solution. You may become frustrated with their inability to do basic tasks and you will miss out on a number of beneficial features that come with full POS solutions, such as Inventory Management.

My Data is Not Secure or Safe

For many business owners, POS security is of the utmost importance. The concern seems to be that many people believe- falsely- that Cloud-based POS systems are vulnerable to data breaches. This is simply not the case. In fact, Cloud-based systems may even be more secure than traditional systems, which are vulnerable to all kinds of hacking, accidents or theft. With the right Cloud service provider you can ensure that all your data remains safe and encrypted and accessible from anywhere.

If my Internet Goes Out I Cannot Make Any More Transactions

Yes, it is true that cloud-based POS systems are reliant on the Internet. However, many have an offline mode, a built-in functionality that keeps the business running even in the event of a lost Internet connection. If the system that you are currently using does not have this functionality then it is recommended that you change to a POS solution that does have this basic functionality. You don’t have to sacrifice business just because of unstable Internet systems, which are common in Southern Africa. For Cloud POS systems, when the Internet is reconnected, all the offline operations will be synced into the cloud automatically.

The stores should be equipped with higher bandwidth connections. Having a wifi connection or investing in internet connectivity at the store has many benefits apart from operating the cloud-based POS system.

A Cloud POS Can’t Handle Large Amounts of Orders

In reality with the cloud-based POS System, your business will be able to serve a large number of guests at a time without a single error in the order confirmation, receiving payment and invoicing process. Having a Cloud-based Point of Sale actually makes it easier for a business to handle and process larger amounts of orders as well as more complicated orders, such as mortified orders or split bills.

With the advances in new and innovative POS solutions, there’s never been a better time to drive your business forward. Understandably business owners will have their reservations when it comes to investing in and implementing POS Software in their business. We recommended doing your own research, but don’t let incorrect myths dictate your eventual decision.

TallOrder POS is a Cloud-based Point of Sale Solution which was developed with Speed and Accuracy in mind. TallOrder prides itself on being easy-to-use, which means that there’s little room for human error when placing orders. Correct orders can only lead to happy, returning customers and a business that works on a profit and not a loss.

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