Beginners Guide to Point of Sale Hardware

When running a business, you should ensure that you have the very best hardware that your business will need to be successful. Hardware is just one component, but a very important part of a full POS solution. Hardware should function in such a way that users can fully carry out the functions of the POS software.

When first considering what POS hardware to get you may be overwhelmed by the number of options and add-on. Never fear- the team at TallOrder is here to help you through the complicated specifics of selecting hardware. Firstly, choose your point of sale software, then your hardware. POS software companies develop software to work with specific hardware manufacturers and device models.

Let’s look at some of the key pieces of hardware you’ll need to consider when selecting a system:

POS Terminal Device

POS software mostly runs on one of three types of hardware: tablet, desktop PC or hardware that’s a combination of both tablet and PC. Generally you would need at least one screen/computer or device per register. Any computer/tablet with a full-function operating system that connects to the internet works. However, modern Cloud-based POS software runs more exclusively on tablets due to the mobility afforded to them and their off-line capabilities.

Receipt Printer

If you would like to print receipts or kitchen slips you should invest in a quality printer. Fast and reliable thermal printers are perfect for customer checkout. According to our Technical Specialist Rezaah Abrahams thermal printers are a better investment, because they are more reliable and cheaper. However, his tip would be that if would want a printer in the kitchen where the temperature could be quite hot then a dot matrix printer would work better.

Card Reader

These days many customers prefer to pay via card and it is thus important that your business makes use of a card reader. A credit card terminal allows you to securely accept credit card and debit card payments at the point of purchase. Business who want to survive in the modern era need to have a card reader in their business

Cash Drawer

As the ancestor of the full POS solution the cash register is still a part of a POS set-up. Some of your customers may still choose to pay by cash. To make accepting cash payments this way you’ll want to add a cash drawer to your POS system. You just have to ensure that your cash drawer is compatible with your POS software.

Barcode Scanner

Nearly any barcode scanner that connects to your computer by USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi will work. The biggest benefit of a barcode scanner is that it allows you to add items to a transaction simply by scanning their barcode with your reader. Again, you’ll want to make sure your POS software works with the option you prefer to use.

It is clear that to get the most out of your software, you need to choose high-performance hardware that fits your business.

What Hardware is compatible with TallOrder POS software?

In order to run TallOrder Point of Sale Software on a single device, that device would need to have the follow technically specifications:

  • Windows 10 64bit
  • 4 gig RAM
  • J1900 cpu

For TallOrder POS the device specifics for the Masters are the following:(A Master device refers to the device which the other POS devices will connect to.

  • Windows 10 operating system (64bit)
  • 4 Gig RAM
  • 500GB HDD or SSD for better speed
  • i3 or i5 processor

TallOrder POS also allows for biometric integrations, such as fingerprint scanning. Your staff can scan their fingerprints using a biometric device. Make your POS even more secure and track your managers’ use of your POS. TallOrder POS also now allows for single or multiple item barcode printing. Retail stores can now benefit from a barcode label printer, making stock take even easier and more convenient for you.

No matter the size of your business, you need quality hardware that can match quality POS software, like TallOrder Point of Sale software.

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