How your Food Truck can Benefit from a Quality Point of Sale Solution

Food trucks have become extremely popular attractions events such as concerts, festivals, corporate events, weddings and birthdays. Honestly, anywhere where a one-stop-food-spot is needed to feed the masses. Everything from pizzas to prosecco can be prepared and dished out from these brightly-colored camper vans. In an environment where time is money, orders need to fly out fast, be well-prepared and be paid for in a flash. In order to keep up with this kind of environment you need the very best tools to succeed, such as a quality Point of Sale system. 

So, if you’re a current or aspiring food truck owner, there are many reasons for you to use a tech-savvy Point of Sale Solution, such as:


You can take your food truck anywhere where food and drinks are needed. This means that your payment solution should be able to move with your truck. You will need a point of sale that can work offline and can accept multiple payment types such as mobile wallets and cards.


Looking to sell a burger from your food truck every three minutes? In addition to a fast working team, you will need a Point of Sale that can work at the same speed. Whether you are selling one item or ten, orders need to be punched in quickly and processed with speed and accuracy. You can, therefore, make  sure that you keep the queues moving. A fast and efficient point of sale ensures that you do not lose customers because of long queues and waiting periods.


As a food truck owner, you will prepare your menu according to specific events or themes. However, there may be times where a quick change to menu items or prices is needed. This might be because your most popular item has sold out.  Or you decide to put an item on special to attract more attention. Regardless,  a Point of Sale that can be edited straight from the POS interface is ideal. Small changes can then reflect on your menu to reduce confusion from staff and customers. With a mobile POS system- no more scratching words off chalkboards – a few clicks to change an order is all you need.


Gone are the days where you’d sit and count stock piece by piece. Point of Sale Solutions that have an innovative Inventory Management feature can help you ensure that you have all the ingredients necessary for your menu items. These kinds of POS systems can also alert you when stock is running low. Never be left empty-handed at a busy event. This means less time spent on stock take and back-and-forth with suppliers, and more time spent on creating food and drinks to impress customers and making more sales!

It is clear that festivals and events need a Point of Sale Solution that is fast, on its feet and accurate at all times. TallOrder POS is ideal for social occasions of any size. Our Events Package allows you to only pay for the duration of your event with all the features from our Professional Package.

TallOrder Point of Sale can Help Make Your Event a Success.

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