Slide TallOrder + Benson Software Benson's integration with TallOrder facilitates the sharing of transaction and inventory data between hotel locations. By leveraging big data, hotels can optimize revenue, improve performance, and improve guest experiences. Request a FREE demo
TallOrder Device screen

The benefits of connecting TallOrder POS with Benson Software include:

POS with a fully integrated Hotel Property Management System

Benson software and POS system will sync guest transactions seamlessly.

Smart Reporting

Manage all guest data and transactions throughout the property. A single system can handle all guest transactions throughout the lodge, including the bar, restaurant, and spa!

All-In-One Cloud-based Platform

In the event of an interruption in your internet connection, you can still process transactions.

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What TallOrder Point of Sale does

Fast & Accurate

Fast, accurate and affordable Point of Sale systems increase business revenue, lower costs and provide customers with a positive experience.

Smart Reporting Capabilities

A secure Cloud-based data warehouse allows for fast, accurate and flexible reporting.

A Long List of POS Features

Inventory management, multiple traditional and alternative payment methods, customer-facing display feature and loyalty features.

About Benson

Designed by hoteliers for hoteliers and hotel staff to maximize guest time and reduce admin time.

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