Capture your Customers’ Attention in 8 Seconds

In modern society, we are constantly flooded with information from many digital screens.  This means that human beings often struggle to focus on something for longer than 8 seconds. If you are a business who wants to get their message across you have to capture your customer’s attention in less than 10 seconds. Quite a difficult task!

We’ll be taking a look at how brands can effectively capture this short attention span and stand out in the minds of their intended audience using digital signage:

Content is key

Firstly, delivering fresh content is the key to constantly drawing customer attention. Make sure that your content is related to your brand and constantly being updated. That being said, remember to keep your message simple and straight-to-the-point. With the amount of information and sensory experiences around them, your potential customers may become overwhelmed, so keep it simple, yet engaging. Remember that your content needs to be short enough to be understood within 8 seconds.

Location of screens

It’s important that your digital signage screen is installed in a location where it will be seen by the greatest potential amount of people. Always keep in mind what the purpose of your digital signage is so that you have a better indication of where to place your screens. Also, be aware of the environment and weather conditions that the screens have to endure through. Make sure that your screens don’t get damaged or are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. A broken digital screen can cost you maintenance funds and lose you valuable attention time from potential customer.

Never stop being innovative and playful

Digital signage doesn’t merely have to be a replacement for traditional signage techniques. Take advance of the digital advantages of the medium, such as providing interactive screens for self-service or holographic signage. Take this opportunity to think out of the box. If you are stuck for creative ideas, gain inspiration from what some of the world’s top brands are doing:

Have the right software to catch attention

When it comes to digital signage you have to make sure that the digital signage software provider you choose will allow you to manage and curate your message across various screens. Software like PageMan DSS allows you the flexibility to customize your content so that it draws the attention of your customers. PageMan DSS allows you to automate the most time consuming digital signage processes, such as its playlist scheduling abilities and real-time video feeds. As a Cloud-based, Digital Signage Solution, PageMan,  makes it easy for you to upload, manage, schedule and distribute content to your customers via all your digital displays.

The world of Digital Signage Software Solutions is expanding at a rapid pace and there are many reasons why you, as a business owner, should be moving from traditional advertising efforts over to the ease and accessibility of Digital Signage. What consumers can see in one glance has everything to do with what they’ll do next. Digital Signage can serve as the first step to locking in a possible customer into becoming a successful sale.

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