Not your grandfather’s cash register!

Human beings have spent centuries conceptualising various ways in which to track and organise bartering and payment methods. For many people the Ka-ching sound of the humble cash register has long been associated with making money. Traditionally the cash register has been seen as the workhorse of many industries. However, the nature of business has changed over the years to embrace technology and become more dynamic so the need for the humble cash register has become less popular.

The History of POS

In 1879 inventor and saloon owner James Ritty invented our modern conception of the cash register, which he called the Incorruptible Cashier,” a device that registered transactions made at his business. Despite striving to be innovation, Ritty’s invention did not differ much from a conventional cash register. In fact, it didn’t even have a cash drawer! Not so “incorruptible” after all.

In the 1970s, innovation helped traditional cash registers evolve into computerized point of sale systems. From the 1970’s and 1980’s the cash register got a serious makeover. One of the first microprocessor-controlled cash register systems was built by William Brobeck and Associates in 1974; developed for McDonald’s fast-food restaurants. In 1986, Gene Mosher introduced the first graphical point of sale software featuring a touchscreen interface under the ViewTouch.

Today, the cash register, of even the smallest business, has greatly been replaced by digital “point-of-sale” (POS) systems. The advent of cloud computing has given birth to the possibility of POS systems to be deployed as software-as-a-service, which can be accessed directly from the Internet using any internet browser. These systems have grown in popularity over conventional cash registers because they don’t just ring up sales. They often supply vital, real-time data about your inventory and customers, as well as a number of other beneficial features.

Cash Registers vs. POS Systems

Cash Registers are basic tools that give businesses the ability to ring up sales, calculate tax, store receipts and cash in a cash drawer, and print out simple end-of-day reports for balancing the register and performing rudimentary sales tracking. Depending on how advanced the register, you may be able to use additional hardware like a credit card reader and barcode scanner alongside the register. Cash registers have a lot basic functionality, but the POS systems of today can enhance businesses in many different ways.

By using a POS system business owners are able to develop detailed reports and manage and control their inventory with ease. With a POS system, business owners can also reduce human errors by improving ordering accuracyBusinesses can also create a stronger relationship with their clients by having automated loyalty programmes and promotions.

There’s something to be said for the reliability of a traditional cash register, but that just doesn’t compare to the potential functionality of a full POS Solution. Next to a quality Cloud-based point of sale, cash registers are a thing of the past. That brings us to TallOrder, our Cloud-based Point of Sale Solution that focuses on Speed and Accuracy.

Why Use TallOrder Point of Sale?

A cloud-based POS, like TallOrder POS, is a system that lets you utilize the features of your software online. This allows users to use whatever hardware is at their disposal–desktop devices, mobile devices, or other types of gadgets that is compatible with the software. This type of POS system combines the flexibility of a mobile POS and the complete functionality of a terminal POS, making it a good option for businesses of all sizes.
TallOrder POS can handle basic cash register functions, plus many other key business management tasks, including:

    • Inventory: Manage products and pricing, control purchase orders, suppliers, stock levels and sales trends.
    • Accounting integration: Seamlessly integrate your POS with various Cloud-based accounting software systems, such as Sage and Xero.
    • Reporting: TallOrder POS can give businesses advanced analytics and reports to guide their decision making.Keep a clear check on all your restaurant operations by viewing the daily reports.
    • Alternative Payment Methods: Offer your customers the opportunity to pay with multiple payment methods. Such as cash, card, Zapper, Snapscan and SureSwipe.

A point of sale is a central part of businesses, whether in the retail, hospitality or service industry, and therefore it is important that business owners pick the correct Point of Sale Solution that caters to their specific needs.

The TallOrder team is dedicated to constantly innovating and improving our POS so that our solution exceeds the functions of a mere cash register. When James Ritty first invented his “Incorruptible Cashier” it is hard to believe that he could have envision a system like TallOrder POS. There are many benefits of a full Point of Sale Solution, like TallOrder for businesses and an effective system is paramount in today’s digital age. They have the ability to make all aspects of day-to-day running of a business more efficient and profitable. Why be stuck in the past when your business can benefit from a Cloud-based POS solution like TallOrder? TallOrder, re-inventing Point of Sale.

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