The advantages of integrating your POS system with accounting software

accounting integrations

The advantages of integrating your POS system with accounting software

accounting integrations

Planning your finances is crucial for any business. Your ability to manage your finances, one of your most valuable resources, will have an impact on the expansion and success of your business.

TallOrder POS is an effective, all-in-one, cloud-based point-of-sale system that is built for growth. Manage all of your accounts in one location, including your contacts, supplier purchases, inventory, online sales, reports, stores, and much more.

Increased control over vendor and customer data

The most time-consuming part of bookkeeping is gathering and updating information, and in a competitive market where every vendor is fighting for a piece of the action, you can expect a lot of chopping and changing. To avoid having to manually duplicate every modification, TallOrder POS integrates seamlessly with accounting systems to make sure that changes to vendor and customer data are quickly updated across both platforms. Additionally, since you always have the most recent information on your creditors, the likelihood of billing errors is reduced.

Save time that could be spent more productively on other task

Accounting software is a time-consuming task that shouldn’t be attempted haphazardly. Your financial entries are automatically synced each day thanks to the integration of TallOrder POS software with accounting systems, which reduces the amount of time you need to spend reconciling the books. Instead of you having to remember to track every bill that is closed, vendor paid, discount, void, and return, our state-of-the-art POS software accurately updates your accounting system.

Streamline and improve general ledger accounts

Account entries must be entered manually, which takes time and leaves room for error. TallOrders’ POS software integration can handle your ledger accounts automatically, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Without having to repeat the process on your accounting system, you can instantly update sales, accounts payable, inventory purchases, and returns. Furthermore, this eliminates the possibility of duplicate entries, ensures that your financial records are up to date, and makes it easier for your accountant to access during tax season.

Utilize a single platform to eliminate duplication

Working with multiple software or systems makes you acutely aware of the possibility of data duplication. This could result in expensive consequences like failing to pay the correct vendor on time or paying a creditor twice and being unable to get your money back. It also takes longer to enter the same information on various platforms. However, TallOrder’s automated integration of our POS and accounting software enables you to manage numerous entries from a single platform, reducing the time spent on data entry and eliminating the possibility of duplications and human error. Automation gives you additional assurance that you’re keeping your credit score high and paying the right people at the right time.

Always be organized  and prepared for the taxman

To ensure that you never miss a tax payment, POS accounting software is essential for gathering and comparing financial data with your accounting system. The POS system from TallOrders keeps track of each transaction in your business, ensuring that your sales tax is automatically separated and that credit amounts are properly distributed. Your financial data is updated and prepared for tax purposes thanks to the integration with accounting systems, which makes sure that this information is shared accurately and in real-time across multiple systems.

Cloud-based Point of Sale

With cloud access, you can manage your company from any location, at any time, using any device. You can manage your books while travelling or open new locations without worrying about administrative hassles thanks to 24/7 remote access to all data.

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