How a cloud-based Point of Sale System can improve restaurant efficiency

Restaurants rely heavily on their IT Teams to implement innovations to keep up with shifting customer demands. Cloud-based solutions are much more dependable, secure, and provide a higher level of automation than hardware-based POS systems. The expenses related to routine maintenance, numerous rounds of technical consultation, and protracted downtime all increase the difficulties in running a restaurant.

Restaurants are now choosing cloud-based POS systems because these were created to deliver straightforward yet effective solutions consistently and affordably.

Minimise cost of hardware implementation

TallOrder’s cloud-based POS system implementation does not necessitate the use of on-premises servers. Implementing on-site servers necessitates significant maintenance costs. Because they are internet-based, cloud-based POS systems can be accessed from any location at any time. The expense of purchasing and maintaining costly computer equipment and data storage devices is minimised.  In contrast to traditional POS, a system crash or failure in the cloud POS does not require re-installation. Because the data is stored in the cloud, there is less risk of data loss, interruptions or delays.

Upgrades to software made simple

When new features or software versions are made available, these features are immediately available when the  new build is released and installed. Installations can be done by the customer themselves or by support remotely. The restaurant’s operations will run smoothly and without any lagging thanks to the cloud software’s high speed. Software updates can be run automated or when a customer prefers to run these updates at a convenient time.

Central availability

Management can access POS data from any location at any time thanks to a centralised database. Real-time viewing and modification of crucial restaurant data is possible, including the menu, the creation and management of users, and the updating of taxes and prices. The POS terminals and handhelds will be updated with any admin changes when it is pushed with a publish, therefore putting the control in the users hands as to when and how they want these changes to reflect.  The website, mobile app, and integrated platforms will after a publish reflect the changes or updates as well. Extracting reports, uploading data, and auditing information are all made simpler with central access to all the important data.

Data sync in real time

To give IT managers a better understanding of how a restaurant operates, it is crucial to combine the data flow from all platforms on one system. Data sync is possible on a central level with TallOrder’s cloud-based POS system. Information is synced on a central level for large restaurants that operate multiple terminals, maintaining an efficient flow of communication. Restaurants can easily retrieve the data if the server connection is lost thanks to the offline sync feature.

Access to information from any location

You have the flexibility to manage the restaurant from any location with TallOrder’s cloud-based POS system. Your entire data set is kept on a safe, remote cloud server that makes it simple to access the information.  Any system or mobile device can be used by even a small IT team to check and monitor restaurant chain performance data. The capability of online and offline reporting simplifies data analysis. The business analysts can gauge the restaurant’s overall growth rate by thoroughly analysing the reports.

Highly reliable data

Even though TallOrder’s Cloud-based POS system is a hardware-independent system, network problems may still arise. The billing processes are not hampered in any of these cases. Through the offline medium, the restaurant is able to manage billing effectively. The offline bills that have been punched are synced with the system’s real-time orders as soon as the system has network access. Without any data loss, all of the information from the offline transactions is automatically reflected in the daily sales reports. Consequently, there is information in the analysis of the reports.

Data safety

The risks of information misuse are present when maintaining a sizable database of data. The Cloud-based POS systems from TallOrder guarantee that data management is supported by dependability and consistency and that all customer information is kept safe.

Built-in modules

Separately managing third-party platforms is time-consuming and ineffective. The TallOrder’s Cloud-based POS system can be directly integrated with third-party modules, including loyalty programs, property management systems, payments and accounting software. The administration of multiple platforms on various devices is not necessary with direct integration into the system. The entirety of the data from all platforms is integrated into a consolidated dashboard. By using automatic data input, the possibility of producing inaccurate results is eliminated. The integrated platforms automatically update when changes are made at the central level, such as price adjustments, menu changes, table availability, coupons, and offers for online food delivery.

Streamlining staff training

The cloud-based point-of-sale systems offered by TallOrder are user-friendly. Your team won’t have to spend much time learning a brand-new piece of hardware because they can easily use a tablet or other mobile device. This equalises the playing field for your entire team and releases the manager or lead server from responsibility.

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