TallOrder POS With You During the National Lockdown

Dear Small Business Owners

As you all know by now, last week President Ramaphosa declared a National State of Disaster because of the COVID-19 Outbreak and encouraged social distancing by all citizens.

This State of Disaster has now extended to a looming nationwide Lockdown for “non-essential services”. We support his commands in the hope that all of us will be able to resume regular operations sooner rather than later.

We know that, even though these steps are necessary, that they will have a ripple effect on various industries, particularly the Hospitality and SME sector. Many of our clients fall within these sectors and we keep those businesses in mind during this state of disaster. Keep yourself and your staff safe, stay informed, stay proactive and we as a country will get through this state of disaster together.

All of our internal systems and processes were set up for a distributed model from the start so work continues albeit from home for most of our team. Even with the Lockdown, IT service and processing companies such as https://cloudone.mobi have been deemed ‘essential services’. We will be there to support those of our clients who are open for business during the Lockdown and beyond.

Our team has prioritised work on the TallOrder ToGo functionality for those clients who want to expand their mobile commerce reach for the likes of take-away and delivery services. We will be rolling out enhanced ToGo functionality with support for individual sales locations this week.

Weird as it sounds, these three weeks with low levels of customer activity will be a huge boon for developer and QA productivity. During the Lockdown, we are working hard to add important features requested by our clients and prospects, improve the performance of the system and of course fix known bugs!

Wishing you and your loved ones all of the best in a very unique and trying period for our country and the rest of the world.

Yours truly,

Dana Buys

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