How to Avoid These Common Digital Signage Mistakes

Digital signage can be used in multiple ways to help individuals and businesses get their message. However, your message can get lost or obscured if you use digital signage technology incorrectly. Luckily digital signage mistakes are avoidable. Here are four common digital signage mistakes and how you can avoid them:

Not considering your objectives and message carefully

You need to remember that digital signage is used to display messages. In today’s digital world public spaces are saturated with many messages; which means that you have to work even harder to capture your audience’s attention. You can have access to the very best technology available but if your message is stale you will be wasting your time. It is important for you to consider aspects such as tone, moving images and colour scheme when creating your digital signage content. All three of those aspects help to draw viewers attention and perhaps stir specific emotions in them to take note of your content.

Your message is not clear or readable

Similar to the first point it is important for you to ensure that your digital signage content is clear and readable. This means that you need to carefully consider the fonts and layouts that you plan to use in your content. Be careful of sensory overload. You may be overwhelming your audience by filling your screens with too much content. Do not cram too much information into your content, because your key message could get lost in all the unnecessary content. Placing too much information on the screen at once drastically minimises impact. Spread messaging over a number of slides, using transitions, animations and bold call to actions.

Not Planning the Location of your screens

Where you place your screens play an important part in the success of your digital signage implementation. Make sure that you carefully plan where you will place these screens so that they are accessible to your audience. Your screens must not be mounted too high where no one can see them or be obscured by any part of the building. Also, consider whether your screen will be in line with direct sunlight. Two things happen when a large screen display is placed in direct sunlight. Firstly, sunlight overpowers the brightness of conventional monitors, washing out the colours of your content and  making it difficult to see what’s on the screens. Secondly, screens bathed in sunlight could overheat and malfunction. Your screen may seem completely fine when you install it in the morning but be aware of the direction of direct sunlight later in the day.

Not Updating your Software

If you’re not servicing your hardware and upgrading your software regularly, you’re making a big mistake. In addition to keeping content fresh, you need to keep your content management software fresh as well. New software features will let you do more with your messages more efficiently.

PageMan’s Cloud-based, Digital Signage Software makes it easy for clients to upload, manage, schedule and distribute content.  Customers’ content is uploaded to the Cloud and then distributed to their devices, where it is stored and played locally.

These digital signage mistakes are easy to make, but luckily, with the correct knowledge, they are also easy to avoid. As long as your screens are visible, your message clear and your audience engaged then your digital signage will be successful.

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