Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

By CEO Dana Buys

Using Cloud-based computing can be very beneficial, especially for SME size companies. Why? Because SME’s typically have fewer IT skills in-house than larger companies; which often have expensive IT departments and dedicated staff to take care of the key job of keeping the systems running properly.

The technical skills required to keep one’s systems safe and up-to-date. Especially in a time when security breaches, hacking and even the horrors of ransomware, is impossible to come by for most smaller businesses. Without the correct security and procedures in place, it is so easy to target traditional LAN based systems from anywhere on earth.

The leading Cloud solutions are typically built on the public Cloud infrastructure provided by the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM. When used correctly, the security services provided by these major vendors are the most sophisticated in the world. This means it is very hard to hack into Cloud-based solutions that are well designed and hosted in a secure manner.

Practical Benefits of the Cloud

Both TallOrder Point of Sale and PageMan Digital Signage have been designed for and built on the AWS public cloud, where they run inside their own virtual private networks and make extensive use of the AWS security and other services. Neither solution has had any security breaches in the 5 years since https://cloudone.mobi was founded.

Apart from the critical security benefits, these leading Cloud-based business solutions eliminate much of the pain that goes with maintaining traditional LAN based solutions.  The cloud solutions provider takes care of real-time backups, disaster recovery backups, keeping the business software and underlaying databases, plus other services and integrations up to date.

We had a case a few months ago where one of our clients arrived at their restaurant to find their point of sale computers had been stolen during the night. Within 30 minutes we helped them install some new computers, printers and install the TallOrder local software. They were up and running by opening time with no loss of data or a new setup, which would have been impossible in the world of traditional software.

Cloud solutions can be accessed from anywhere, which means one can manage the system from the office, from home, on holiday or even view key business insights on the golf course or at the beach using a smartphone! Powerful analytical tools provide the means for advanced business intelligence and the huge benefits of machine learning at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

More and more businesses are dependent on real-time integrations to other systems such as payment providers, cloud accounting solutions, e-commerce systems, supply chains, loyalty providers, social media, property management systems in hospitality and even government fiscal registers in some countries. It is very hard to manage and keep all such integrations up to date in the realm of legacy software all running on-premise. Security risks go through the roof.

Best of all, most cloud solutions do not require a big upfront expense! The software is paid for on a monthly or annual (discounted of course) basis and one only pays for what you use. As there are no expensive local servers required the cost of hardware and installation is also much lower. In many cases, we have seen cloud solutions go in at less than 25% of the cost of the comparable legacy LAN solution.

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