TallOrder Point of Sale is a Cloud-based system that is fast and efficient. We cater to businesses in both the retail and hospitality industry. Want to see TallOrder POS in action? You are welcome to request a free demo on our website: https://www.tallorderpos.com/request-a-demo/

Alternatively you can contact one of our dedicated team members at info@tallorderpos.com or +27 (0) 21 201 1579.

We are glad that you liked what you saw! The sales consultant who performed your demo will set up a tailored quote for you.  Alternatively, if you have any technical questions, you can contact one of our dedicated team members at  info@tallorderpos.com or +27 (0) 21 201 1579

Review the quote that was sent to you. If you are satisfied with the quote, let your POS consultant know. With the quote you would have received an order form as well. Ensure that you fill in all your details in the order form and on the debit order form. If you need to order hardware, please let the POS consultant know so that the hardware can be added to the quote. We can thereby arrange with our suppliers to have the hardware ready before the installation once you have made payment.

You will be sent an invoice from our Financial Officer once you have paid.

Once you have made payment, our team can get the ball rolling on your installation. Your POS consultant will hand over your installation to one of our installation officers. They will be your point of contact going forward. The installation officer will set up a meeting with you and our relevant team members so that we can fully understand your businesses needs and coordinate the installation.

Great! Your installation officer will send through all the relevant documentation for you to complete. These documents are a very important step in the installation process. Included in these documents is your POS checklist and menu import sheet. Please ensure that you get these documents back to your installation officer in a timely manner.  If needed, your installation officer will organise a site inspection of your business to help the installation go smoothly. During the meeting your installation officer will discuss a timeline of events, such as when the installation will happen and when your business can go live with TallOrder POS.

Send all your completed documents to your assigned installation officer. They will create a TallOrder POS tenant for you based on these documents. This includes all business information, staff credentials and products. They will also customise and input your menu according to your specifications. If you are going to use any of our third-party integrations, ensure that you speak to installation officer about these options. We can create an account for you on our integration partners’ platforms, but please note that these accounts may incur fees unrelated to TallOrder POS or our integration.

Unsure of who we integrate with? Feel free to browse through our integrations listed on our website: https://www.tallorderpos.com/integrations/

If you are happy with the tenant set-up then it is time to install! Your installation officer will confirm the date and time of your installation. Please feel free to ask your installation officer any questions that you may have about TallOrder.

Our installation officer will arrange for you and your staff to receive training. Please make sure that the relevant staff attends. We will ensure that you receive training in a timely manner. Feel free to request additional training if needed, but be aware that this additional training may come at a cost.

Make sure that your staff gets a chance to work and practice using the POS so that any human errors or misunderstandings can be addressed during the training. If you have any further concerns or queries please contact one of our dedicated team members at info@tallorderpos.com or +27 (0) 21 201 1579.

With your installation and training completed you are ready to go live with TallOrder POS! Let our team know if you have any concerns before going live and we can assist. Contact us at info@tallorderpos.com or +27 (0) 21 201 1579 if needed.

Once your tenant has been created, you will receive your login details for both your TallOrder Admin Dashboard and your POS user interface. If you did not receive your login details contact your installation officer or alternatively you can contact info@tallorderpos.com or +27 (0) 21 201 1579.