Download the PDF doc of this process here

How to create a new customer account: 

A customer account created on TallOrder is used to keep track of customer data, including customer transaction history. This data helps to set up loyalty programs and account payments. Customers can be created either on the POS interface or on TallOrder Admin dashboard using the processes listed below.

Creating a customer on the TallOrder Admin Dashboard: 

In this description there are a number of steps that will need to be followed for the customer account to be created successfully.

Step 1

Sign into the TallOrder admin dashboard:

Step 2

Select Customers from the list of categories on the left side of your admin page , where it will display the list of options “Customers” and “Loyalty”.

Step 3

Click on “Customers”. The Customers page will be displayed with a list of all customers present in that tenant

Step 4

Click the blue “Add Customer” button on the top right corner. A customer modal will appear. Fill in the required customer details, which include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Country
  • City
  • NFC Tag
  • Tax Number
  • Customer Type

Step 5

After adding the required details click the “Save” button to save the customer. After the customer is saved , close the modal  and search for the customer from the list of customers and click on customer to confirm if they have been saved with the required details.

Step 6

After confirmation publish settings to POS so that the customer can now appear on the POS application user interface. 

Please find attached video for reference of the process

Creating a new customer from the TallOrder POS user interface:

Step 1

Sign into your TallOrder POS:

Step 2

Enter 4 digit Staff pin, click on the drop-down menu on the top left corner and select “Account Payment” from the drop-down list. A customer modal will appear.

Step 3 

On the customer search modal click the “Create” button on the right to create a customer. The  customer creation modal will appear.

Step 4

On the customer creation modal fill in the required details of the customer which include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Tax Number
  • E-mail
  • Mobile
  • Credit Limit
    • Receive marketing emails ( Turn switch on/off)
    • Receive electronic invoices/receipts preferred  ( Turn switch on/off)
  • Addresses

and then click the blue  “Create Customer” button.

Step 5

Enter the 6 digit Manager pin to authorize saving the customer.

Step 6

A notification alert is displayed confirming the creation of the customer , click OK on the notification to close it off.

Step 7

To confirm customer creation select “Account Payment” again from the dropdown menu on the top left corner of the TallOrder home menu which will display the customer search modal. Type in the name of the customer you created and click search to show results.

Step 8

Click the blue edit button (pen icon) to view the customer details and confirm if the details have been saved correctly. After confirmation , click the blue “Save” button.

Please find video attached for reference:

POS Alternative Customer creation

Step 1

Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu on the top left corner which will display the tenant settings. Scroll down to find the Administrative tools and click on the setting.

Enter the 6 digit Manger PIN to view the administrative tools

Click create customer under the Customer management Heading which then displays the customer creation modal.

Follow steps 4 to 8 from POS ( Creating using Account Payment option from Dropdown menu) to create the customer and confirm that the customer has been created.

Please find attached video for reference:

Download the PDF doc of this process here

From the TallOrder Admin Dashboard, scroll down the the “Customers” option the left hand menu.

Once you are the customer page, please click on the Customer you wish to change.

A little pop-up on window will appear on the right.
From the pop-up click on the right-hand corner where it say’s Edit Customer Details.

On this screen you can edit the details of the customer as well the customer type.
Under the Customer Type heading you can change the customer type, click on the little ‘X’ next to the word ‘none’

You can either select a current customer type if you have previously created one or you can create your own customer type.
I have created the customer type called ‘Discount’

Once that is done, please press the ‘Save’ button.

When you have finished with that please remember to publish as you have made changes to a customer.

Download the PDF doc of this process here

How to Enable Loyalty settings

– On TallOrder Admin, click on the “Customers” tab on the left and then click on “Loyalty”. You will be redirected to a window in which you can select “Yes” to enable Loyalty.

– Here you can customise your Loyalty Programmes, such as the name, value and duration.
– You can also customise whether you will make use of Loyalty Tiers.
– Once you have filled in all the Loyalty details click the “Save” button.

Download the PDF doc of this process here

From the POS main menu screen click on the drop down menu ( 3 stripes in the left-hand corner). Then proceed to click Account Payment option.

Next you can either search for a customer or create a new customer.
To search a customer you can either click on the search button or enter the customer’s name.

Please click on the green button with the white tick.

From this screen you can do a payment on the account with the appropriate payment method and amount. You can also add credit to account from here as well. You will be asked to provide a managers PIN as well.