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Getting Started

Everything you need to know about getting started with TallOrder Point of Sale.

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Merchant Settings

Merchant Settings allow you to customise your TallOrder Point of Sale tenant to cater to your business needs.

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Product settings

The ins and outs of creating/importing, managing, and tracking your products and your POS menus.

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An in-depth look at managing your inventory using the TallOrder Inventory Management feature.

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Customer Accounts, Loyalty & Promotions

This section guides you through setting up customer accounts and our loyalty  features.

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Staff details

Learn how to upload staff members, give manager access and manage staff accounts.

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Finance Settings

Set up all settings related to payments, payment types, and finances here.

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Accounting Integrations

Here we guide you through your Accounting Intergrations.

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POS User Guide

This section will help guide you and your staff through how to best make use of TallOrder Point of Sale.

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TallOrder Add-ons

Find out more about the various Add-ons available with TallOrder, such as ToGo, SlipApp, mytab and TallOrderNow!

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Learn all about myStock features that TallOrder has to offer.

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Learn all about the unique features that TallOrder POS has to offer.

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POS hardware and software work hand-in-hand to provide a quality POS experience. Topics covered in this section: Printer settings, Cash drawers and any additional hardware components.