Helping businesses impacted by social unrest

The last few weeks have been an unsettling time for South Africa. Thousands of SMEs throughout KZN and Gauteng have recently been devastated by social unrest in the form of the looting of all their stock and systems and damaged by arson and vandalism. This on top of battling the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic, with little help from the government.

In order to get going again, these businesses need to get their business systems set up again. For businesses that have already made the move to the Cloud, getting going should be as easy as logging in again from a different device. Seamless disaster recovery is one of the key benefits of cloud-based solutions.

For businesses with older legacy type systems or those still using manual processes, it will be a lot tougher. Especially for those who have not had recent off-site data backups.

For such impacted businesses that require Point of Sale software, TallOrder Solutions would like to help them on the road to recovery by offering 3 months free use of our cloud-based Point of Sale software.

Many of these impacted businesses will have to offer their products or services for sale electronically whilst premises gets repaired or new premises found. To help during this transition phase, TallOrder’s fully integrated ToGo mobile commerce solution will be included at no additional cost during the 3 month period. The value of this special assistance offer for a typical 2 station POS setup is R10,000.

TallOrder will help with getting the initial product setup done and will offer free online training on the easy to use cloud POS solution. This includes integration to popular cloud accounting systems Sage Accounting and Xero.

TallOrder can run on existing Windows PCs and tablet devices running Android and iOS. Businesses that have been looted can sign and set up for free via

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