How can digital menu boards help your restaurant?

Not so long ago, menu boards came in the form of in-store posters and menus placed at the door of establishments for patrons to browse through. In the past, changing these boards were tiresome, had a slow turn-around time and the re-producing of the content was costly.

In the COVID-19 pandemic era, patrons are hesitant to make use of physical menus and contactless menu boards allow for safe transactions.

Here are a few reasons Digital Menu boards are outshining traditional menu boards.

  • Digital Menu boards is one of the fastest growing industries, with many opting to swap out their paper-based boards with something more enticing and eye-catching.
  • The opportunity of upselling is made that much easier with menu boards. Digital Signage (in conjunction with a fast and efficient POS) can show suggested food and drink accompaniment according to the meal that you have selected.
  • Menus can easily change depending on the time of the day. Specials offered could be updated by the hour and top sellers could be highlighted quickly and easily. They could also change according to customer presence or days of week.
  • Menu boards are not only there to convey information. They could also be used to entertain customers while they are waiting for orders or direct them to correct counters, therefore saving time in the ordering and collection process.
  • Digital Signage is cheaper. This rings true especially when considering the costs of menu boards in the hospitality industry. Rather than waiting weeks for new printed menu boards, menus can be quickly edited and uploaded in an instant, no matter where the manager is located.

Digital menu boards brought the hospitality and retail industry into the 21st Century.

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