How Digital Signage can Benefit Pharmacies in Times of Crisis

The distribution of medication is an essential part of a functioning society and in times of crisis, people are even more anxious to have access to quality healthcare and medication. Pharmacies and pharmacists need to communicate clearly and calmly with their customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. There are numerous advantages to using digital signage in healthcare settings in order to communicate professionally.

Keep customers informed:

Customers may be overwhelmed with information at this time and it is important for pharmacies to provide informed and accurate information, such as hygiene tips or information directly from the help department. Many people may also be overwhelmed by medical terms used by medical professionals or forget what their doctors told them. With digital screens, medical jargon can be explained and be made accessible to the general public.

Spread Awareness:

Your pharmacy can use digital signage to increase awareness of local and national policy changes and statistics of public health. Digital screens can be embedded with educational resources from external sources such as the World Health Organisation. Quality Digital Signage system also allows for video and other forms of multimedia to educate the public. These screens can also be used to promote the pharmacy itself. Pharmacies can introduce their teams or communicate opening hours. Provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and reduce the workload for their staff. The pharmacy’s website can also be embedded in the signage to promote their online presence and services.

Create a Sense of Order:

Digital signage screens or digital sequence number systems can also be used to create a sense of order in the waiting area of a pharmacy. Not only will customers be given an approximate wait time by using these systems, pharmacist will also be able to better control the flow of customers. Customers can see to properly and be sent to the correct counter without much of a delay. This also allows customers to practice appropriate social distancing to prevent virus spread while waiting in the queue, because they will know how long they will have to wait. Customers will also feel valued and as if their needs are being fully addressed.

Quality Digital Signage software also has many practical benefits. For example, Cloud-based Digital Signage software allows for content and messaging to be updated remotely and frequently. Digital signage allows for multiple screens as well as the option for different locations to display unique information. During this crisis, essential workers and those who are on the frontline of fighting Covid-19 need communication. Attention-grabbing digital screens can update emergency announcements in seconds, informing the public and essential workers of changes that they need to be aware of.

PageMan Digital Signage Software is a cost-effective, easy-to-use Solution that uses Cloud-based technology to upload, manage and distribute media, not matter the time, location or format. With PageMan you can create Schedules and Playlists in order to display customised content and update accordingly. PageMan makes use of Cloud-hosted software to ensure easy file sharing and that content can be updated instantly. PageMan’s Cloud-based Technology also allows for remote, online installs despite the lockdown!

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