How to Train Staff to Use POS Software

So you have invested in a new point of sale system- now what? You know that the success of your business often relies on what happens at the point of purchase. It is, therefore, very important that your staff is well-trained and equipped to effectively use your new point of sale system. But how do you train your staff to use POS software?

Firstly, it is important to emphasis to your staff that they are the public-facing aspect of the business. Therefore they need to understand how to provide quality customer service. Other than having a generally helpful and positive attitude, staff must all be trained on how to up-sell and cross-sell your products.

Obviously, your employees must also learn how to work your POS hardware and software in order to process a sale or return. They will need to go through all the basic information, transaction and menus. It may seem like a lot of training but the TallOrder team has compiled a list of practical steps to help make this training process go smoother.

According to our COO, Anna Groenewald, it is important for managers to prepare staff for a new POS system. They do so by telling them when they will be starting and explaining the training process to them. “Your employees need to understand how a new system will benefit them by, for example, making their work lives a bit easier. If your staff can see the benefits of offering better customer service. Therefore they have the ability to earn more tips, they will be more willing to learn to use the new system.

Practical steps to train staff to use your POS:

Use the resources provided by your POS vendor

One of the first steps to take when starting the training process is to access all the resources provided by your POS vendor. These resources may include training manuals, demo videos or in-person training from the POS vendor’s support team.

Help make it easier to remember the training:

No matter how bright or skilled your employees are they may still get overwhelmed by everything that they will have to learn. You need to think of practical steps to help make the training process a bit easier. For example, set-up time after hours for training or set-up time for certain modules of the training. This allows for more flexible training sessions that do not disrupt normal business hours.

Perhaps consider making flashcards for your product codes or for small instructions on how to, for example, close a transaction, etc. You also need to teach your staff how to troubleshoot issues if/when they occur. There will be times where the POS system experiences issues, due to human error or a system malfunction. It is vital that you as a merchant make sure your staff knows how to handle such issues if they arise, especially if you are not there.

Practice together

Even though reading through the manual and listening to a training session is a good place to start the best way to train staff is to let them practice. By letting your staff actually work and practice on the system you will save time and help get them trained faster. Allowing your staff to play around with the POS system and get acquainted with it will give them not only more confidence, but also a better experience in the long run. Perhaps arrange some time after hours for staff to role-play different customer scenarios. Trained staff can also help train other employees or have new employees shadow them as they work.

“I think it is very important for managers to understand that all employees are different. With smaller businesses, that we often cater to, it is important for managers to establish how each employee absorbs information and then develop training according to their needs,” says Cecilia Martiz, Customer Liaison at

Whatever approach you do decide to take when training your staff on how to use your point of sale system it is important to keep track of how efficient these steps are and hopefully, your staff and your business will benefit from it.

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