Introducing our 2021 TallOrder POS integrations

As you know the team at TallOrder is always working to make sure that we stay ahead of the curve to provide you with the best product and service. We would like to proudly announce our new integrations.

TallOrder POS has recently Integrated with:

  • Netcash Pay: Our TallOrder integration with Netcash gives your customers yet another contactless way to pay! Accept hassle-free contactless payments with a simple scan of a single QR code linked to the Point of Sale system. No matter how your customer would like to pay for their desired item, our integrated system will be able to process the payment quickly and easily.
  • Sticitt: We offer schools the opportunity to sign up as Sticitt and TallOrder POS merchants. Learners can use their Sticitt pay e-wallets on their mobile phones to pay for items at their school tuckshop or merchandise store. They simply scan a QR code to pay. Alternatively, they can buy Sticitt Pay wristband loaded with credit. Simply tap and pay!
  • ResRequest: ResRequest is a reservations and property management solution servicing boutique safari lodges & hotels. Their solution includes a Central Reservations and Property Management System, with integrated CRM and Financial Management functionality and reporting.
  • 2-D Transact: Our TallOrder POS integration with 2D Transact allows any institution to participate in contactless payments while creating an inclusive economic ecosystem. This 2-D Transact integration allows for frictionless payments within a connected network of customers!

Interested in any of these integrations? Contact Contact us / +27 (0) 72 863 0116 for more info or a FREE DEMO

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