Lite Package

Small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from our Lite Package and enjoy the basic features and benefits of TallOrder POS. The Lite Package covers up to three device licences with 300 possible menu items allowed. Additional Full-Format POS Devices will cost a monthly fee of R250 per licence and Additional Mobile-Format POS Licences will cost a monthly fee of R125 per licence.

Our Lite Edition Package is ideal for businesses that need a POS solution that will cover all their needs but not break the bank!


R250/mo per licence
  • Annual upfront fee of R2500 (Incl. 2 months free)

Lite Package Top Features

Enjoy the basic features and benefits of TallOrder.

We offer deep, order-line integration to Xero, Sage and other Cloud-based accounting software systems, letting you enjoy faster, more accurate accounting with no duplications.

Our smart backend solution allow staff to enter orders and purchase quick and easy. The intuitive UI helps avoid mistakes and assists in upselling, helping complete orders in record timing.

The secure Cloud-based data warehouse enables flexible, fast and accurate reporting, easily accessible and displayed, placing your business’ key metrics at your fingertips to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Manage your products and pricing, control purchase orders, suppliers, stock levels and manage sales trends through reporting.

The TallOrder Point of Sale Solution can be fixed or mobile. This means that the POS device can move from counters to tables and around stores, therefore saving time for customers during the ordering and purchasing process.

Pay for an annual Lite Edition package upfront & get 2 months free

This package is available for R250 per month excl. VAT. Alternatively, you can pay R2500 upfront and receive two months free, meaning that you only pay for 10 months and get 12 months access. This package includes setup assistance and basic training, as well as access to our guides and FAQs.


If you would like more information on which licence package would be best for your business, you can explore our options on our pricing package or email us today.

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