Manage your digital signage with PageMan

Manage your digital signage with PageMan

Manage your digital signage with PageMan (our cloud-based digital signage software – is easy, secure, and reliable)

Today, a wide range of business tools, including email, phone calls, and other services, utilize cloud technology. Your Point of Sale system is one of the most important tools you can improve using cloud technology. POS systems streamline the checkout process, making it more effective and enabling you to gather useful sales data that aid in business management and advertising.

How does a Cloud-Based Digital Signage System work?

Digital signage users use the cloud to back up and store their content and data. Interface, dashboard, and content management systems are additional names for cloud-based digital signage software (CMS). Businesses can manage their content by logging into their dashboard or CMS. Additionally, digital signage content can be managed anytime, anywhere.

Reasons for switching to a third-party cloud-based application

Increased Capacity to Add Dynamic Content

Due to its ability to automatically scale content, cloud-based digital signage can manage the content of any size. In turn, businesses can increase the number of screens and content without being concerned about a potential crash. This benefit is not available with on-premise solutions.

Enhanced Client Services

TallOrder offers updates that the digital signage network automatically downloads. When a technical issue occurs, TallOrder’s customer service is always there to assist and find a solution.

Extra Secure

More security can typically be guaranteed by TallOrder’s cloud-based PageMan service than by on-premise solutions. When not in motion, data is always encrypted and secured and is kept in a single location. As a result, there won’t be as much need for security testing across various locations.

What are the Advantages of a Cloud-Based Digital Signage System?

Setup is simpler

When setting up cloud-based software, no technical expertise or prior IT experience is required. A digital signage player, or a player that connects to digital displays, is simply plugged into the digital display. Once connected, users can begin managing their content by connecting their player to the dashboard.

Low Maintenance

Self-serve solutions need ongoing maintenance and a constantly available IT department. These servers also need a particular kind of cooler environment for storage, and updates must be done by hand.  Automatic updates are available with cloud-based digital signage, minimizing the need for ongoing maintenance. This saves time and resources while also lowering overhead costs.

Remotely control content

Digital signage powered by the cloud has the great benefit of remote content management. Internal solutions do not allow for remote content updates and only allow management of the data at a single location. Data management must be remote if a larger chain has multiple displays with various types of content. Businesses can experiment and determine what works best for them by experimenting with different interactive content in real-time.

A cloud-based POS system is beneficial to any small business since it allows for remote access and integration, automated upgrades, greater security, a smaller initial investment, and ongoing customer support.

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