Editing an existing User on TallOrder Admin / Backend Portal:

Step 1: On the Backend /Admin Portal of TallOrder (https://admin.tallorder.mobi) navigate to the User section:

Step 2: Filter for the desired User Account via the provided Filter option:

Step 3: Once desired User Account has been filtered, select the “Pencil” icon to Edit said user account:

Step 4: Enter/ adjust desired information for User Account selected:

Select “Save” at the bottom left, and Publish to receive changes on POS.

How to create a new Staff / User Account on TallOrder Admin / Backend Portal:

Step 1: Follow the Link: https://admin.tallorder.mobi/ And enter your Username and Password.

Then select “Sign In” (Indicated by figure 0.)

Step 2: Once logged in with validated credentials, provided by the support team, navigate to the “Staff” tab/ feature on the left of the navigation pane (As indicated by figure 1, below.)

Step 3: Once navigated to the “Staff” section on Admin, select the “Create Staff” button on the Right, top side of the display. (As shown in Figure 2.)

Step 4: Select the appropriate position for new staff member. (Manager, has access to higher functions [4 Digit Pin as well as a 6-digit Pin with elevated access] as where the waiter and attendance staff will have limited access [only a 4-digit pin].)

If new User has not been associated with TallOrder POS, select the “+ Add New Staff Member” button and enter the User details. Save and continue with following steps.

Be sure to add a 4-digit pin (For Waiter and Attendance staff only) and Managers 6-digit (For Managers and Owner Role) pin if applicable.

Once all information is confirmed, select the Create Button as per indication on Figure 3.

The User will be active on the said Merchant/ Tenant Account after a Publish from Backend.

Auto Menus can be enabled for Hospitality or Retail merchants by following the below steps.

When logged into the merchant you have created and you want to enable Auto Menus follow below steps:

Step 1

Click on Tenant Settings under the Admin Nav Bar -> Settings ->Tenant Settings option

Step 2

The top header by default will load as POS and the General sub-heading:

Step 3

Underneath the General sub-heading you will see the top left setting as Automatic Menu Structure defaulted to No.

If you want to enable it, set it to Yes and publish per location – this will now enable a menu per location built up out of all Auto Menu enabled products and Departments as Headers.

In the retail environment this enables faster setup and would mostly be used in Retail environments more than Hospitality environments.

From backend please navigate to the option that says Staff:

Once you are in the Staff menu, please select the staff member who wants to change their password and then click on the little pencil icon on the left hand side of their name.

From the next page you can then change the staff members 4 digit code and if it is a manager you can then change the managers 6 digit code as well.