Five Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid this Festive Season

With the influx of business and customers during the holiday season, businesses can’t afford to make mistakes. It is easy to for important aspects of your business to slip through the cracks during this busy time of the year. So if you want to ensure that you don’t miss out on many sales opportunities avoid the following mistakes:

Don’t leave holiday planning for the last minute

Make sure that you are fully prepared for the holiday season. Holiday shoppers start buying gifts and supplies for the festive season earlier and earlier every year and it is best to capitalise of this time. Start to plan how you will promote and run your business during the holiday season. This may mean that you have to start developing specific festive marketing campaigns for your business or ensuring that you have enough staff hired before the busy season.

Don’t copy other businesses

The festive season is the perfect time for you to showcase everything that makes your business unique. Find ways to promote your business so that it stands out amongst all the other businesses during this time. Every business will be trying to promote themselves and your business should think about how your brand can differentiate yourself from the rest. If you are going to decorate or do specific marketing campaign try to make these kinds of promotions your own.

Don’t neglect e-commerce

As eCommerce sales continue to grow, it is important that you have the right platform and solutions in place to handle the entire order process. Many shoppers feel overwhelmed by the holiday rush and would prefer to buy items online or have their shopping delivered. Make sure that your business offers these options to your customers.

Don’t forget about social media

During the holiday rush it is easy to neglect your social media accounts, but this could be terrible for your business. Make use of this time of year to promote yourself across a number of social media platforms and to present yourself in a personable way. Take this opportunity to show off! Also don’t forget to network by sharing content that your customers would care about.

Don’t forget about your regulars

Creating a loyal base right in your community ensures that someone will be frequenting your business all year long, after the tourists and holiday fanatics leave. Make sure that you regular customers feel appreciated by offering them discounts or loyalty programs. You won’t regret it once the busy season starts to slow down.

It’s no secret that this is a big time of year for almost every business out there. The holidays present an enormous opportunity for profit, and by avoiding these five common but devastating holiday mistakes your business can thrive through the festive season.

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