Meet mytab, TallOrder’s new customer-facing POS display feature.

Introducing mytab, TallOrder Point of Sale’s customer-facing display feature.

Using a second screen directed towards the customers, mytab allows you to display order items, pricing, QR codes for payments and totals. As items are added to the order customers can view their orders digitally. Customers can view their order, tax and discounts during the checkout process. mytab also displays customer loyalty information and any QR codes that may be selected to complete payment.

For example, TallOrder POS may be running on an Apple iPad and mytab could be set up to run on a cost effective wifi enabled Android Tablet.  mytab displays the invoice details as it gets added to the invoice, totals due, payments made, loyalty information and payment QRCodes. Displaying the QRCodes instead of printing pro-forma invoices saves time and printing slips. As a smart application, mytab’s next update will add some very useful new features that will benefit both the merchant and customers.

mytab is a web-based application that can run on virtually any device and is also available across Windows, iOS and Android TallOrder POS applications.

mytab allows for more convenient and transparent transactions.

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