Slide Our TallOrder integration with Netcash gives your customers yet another contactless way to pay! Accept hassle-free contactless payments with a simple scan of a single QR code linked to the Point of Sale system. No matter how your customer would like to pay for their desired item, our integrated system will be able to process the payment quickly and easily. Request a FREE Demo
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What do you get with TallOrder’s integration with Netcash

Convenience and customer satisfaction
Tech-savvy customers will expect to be able to use alternative payments methods and mobile e-wallets. Be ready to cater to them.

Using encrypted payment integrations means that your business can safely and secure accept digital payments.

No integration fee

Integrate your POS with Netcash without any extra cost from TallOrder Solutions.

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What TallOrder Point of Sale does

Fast & accurate Point of Sale Solution

A fast, efficient and affordable Point of Sale increases business revenue, lowers costs and provides customers with a satisfying experience.

Smart reporting capabilities

The secure Cloud-based data warehouse enables flexible, fast and accurate reporting. Placing your business’ key metrics at your fingertips.

Long list of POS features

Inventory management, multiple traditional and alternative payment methods, 3rd-party integrations, loyalty features.

About Netcash

Netcash is a market-leading payment solutions provider to South African businesses and organizations, specialising in Debit Orders, Salary and Creditor payments, Pay Now, eCommerce and Risk Reports. We impact meaningfully on our clients by providing efficient, simple, cost-saving payment services.

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