New way of dealing with Inventory. Introducing Auto Inventory!

We have been working on some significant improvements to the TallOrder inventory system based on user feedback. Up to now, you have had to maintain the so-called Inventory tree and headings. This made handling inventory much harder for all and was poorly conceived.

Most businesses handle inventory in a Department/Items alphabetical within department manner – for inventory reports, stock takes, transfers, purchases and the like. We have removed the concepts of Inventory Tree and Inventory headings and will automatically manage the inventory sequence and structure by Department/Items alphabetically within the department.

To make this work effectively, we have added the much-requested Item setting called “Stock Item” which has a ‘Yes/No’ option. By default, the Stock Item setting will be ‘Yes’, but you can change this as required. When an item is set as Stock Item, it will appear in any of the inventory processes and on inventory reports and of course, stock levels will be tracked.

Items, where Stock Item is set to ‘No’, will not show any stock quantities and will not appear on any of the Inventory processes. Cost calculations will be based on the item’s Cost field. These are typically items that are services and where stock levels are not tracked. Items that are recipes of type ‘assembled’ will generally not be a stock item, whereas recipe items that are produced in batches will generally be a stock item.

We will be taking the new way of dealing with inventory live early hours of 1 May. Please let us know immediately if you are worried about the change in inventory structure. It has been one of the most requested changes and complaints so we hope no one will miss it!

One of the easiest ways of updating the Stock Item settings will be via the Export / Import process using the likes of Excel. We are also adding a new Stock Item Export option that will make it easier to work with the most used inventory fields.

We are busy building out the TallOrder inventory system as part of the new TallOrder admin portal. That means that all inventory functions will move to the Inventory portal and out of the TallOrder POS applications in the coming months. Many TallOrder users have asked for inventory to move away from POS so that other staff can manage inventory more effectively.

In addition to the current inventory functions, we are adding Stock Requisitions which will allow a location to request inventory from another location. There will be an approval step added to such Stock Requisitions. A stock requisition will typically result in one or more Stock Transfers or Purchase Orders being placed to fulfil the request.

The initial Inventory portal will feature Reports, Items, Stock Requisitions, Stock Transfers, and Purchase Orders. We will then add Recipes and Stock Production, Stock Takes, Label Printing, Waste and 86-Countdown. The new inventory portal will be able to run on desktop and on mobile, allowing users to more easily handle inventory functions from their phones, mobile devices or tablets.

We are working hard to dramatically improve our inventory offering. Thank you for your support and be assured of our commitment to become Africa’s best cloud POS solution.

This video takes you through how Auto Inventory works, how to set it up and how much easier it organises your stock:

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