Junior Quality Assurance / Job Description
The Junior Quality Assurance role at TallOrder Solutions is responsible for ensuring a high level of quality for our end users and assisting the software development team in identifying issues early in the process. While commonly known as “testers”, individuals in this role contribute more than just testing. They play a vital role in enhancing the overall quality of the final product.

As a Junior Quality Assurance team member, your primary focus will be on delivering a quality software product. You will work to ensure that the software development process maintains quality standards without compromising to achieve completion objectives.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
– Conducting thorough testing and providing suggestions for refining the product to ensure its quality.
– You will actively participate in defining, planning, and executing the product roadmap.
– Accurately predicting development and testing timeline, adhering to them, and responding promptly to changes.
– Not only identifying and recording problems but also working to determine their causes. Emphasis is placed on effective fault finding and providing comprehensive information and solutions.
– Conducting comprehensive product testing to identify any issues before they impact our customers / end users.
– Performing cross-platform testing of web applications and native / mobile Apps (Windows, Android, iOS).
– Conducting functional testing by evaluating applications against defined user stories and business logic. You will develop strong hands-on debugging abilities, putting yourself in the user’s shoes to troubleshoot functional and usability issues.
– Performing scenario testing to stimulate user actions, thinking creatively and out-the-box to uncover potential issues. You will conceive and replicate different user scenarios to ensure the application functions as intended.
– Continuously staying updated with the latest changes in industry standards.
– Being analytical and methodical in your approach to testing.
– Demonstrating excellent attention to detail.
– Being a strong analytical thinker with a process-driven mindset.
– Creating test plans, defining, and maintaining requirements and tests.
– Continuously improving test coverage by implementing new manual and automated tests.
– Defining the scope of testing for each release / delivery.
– Deploying and managing appropriate testing frameworks to meet testing requirements.
– Assisting in preparing the necessary test environment.
– Identifying and reporting test-related errors, issues and risks using Freshdesk & JIRA.
– Assisting in the maintenance of test-related documentation.
– Executing tests in a repeatable manner to verify software component changes are made, documenting test results.
– Demonstrating experience and proficiency in testing multiple platforms, including desktops, and tablets.
– Providing on-call after hours support on rotation with support staff, including evenings and weekends when required.

The above statements describe the general nature and level of work being performed in this job.
They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and additional responsibilities may be assigned as required.



You will be employed on a full-time basis, with a minimum of 40 hours per week. As a startup company, there will be times when longer hours are required. Overtime is not paid, but it is taken into account during performance reviews. You will be on call after hours and over weekends when it is your shift. This will be communicated to you at least 24 hours before your on call duties start.

Your compensation for this position will consist of a market-related salary.