The benefits of TallOrder POS Integration with Third Party Applications

POS integration maximise sales sales revenue maximisation

The benefits of TallOrder POS Integration with Third Party Applications

How a cloud-based Point of Sale System can improve restaurant efficiency

Integrating your point-of-sale system with your accounting, inventory, and other operating systems makes it possible for your POS system to send data between locations and channels automatically. For example, send sales data to your accounting programme.

Benefits of TallOrder’s POS Integrated system for businesses:

The advantages of POS integration for businesses stem primarily from having all of your data in one location.

Improvements to data analysis

A real-time overview of every aspect of your business can be given to you by TallOrder’s integration systems. This makes it easier for you to identify new trends (shortages, opportunities, or other problems) earlier. You can manage your budget and keep track of employee hours by having all of your data in one location. For instance, POS integration may enable you to find that your busiest hours aren’t adequately covered by workforce if you work in retail. You can personalise the metrics that are most important to you and have them displayed in the way you prefer with the right user interface. Your decision-making and reporting processes are streamlined as a result.

myStock Inventory Management

TallOrder POS’s myStock Inventory Management module is a powerful tool that provides businesses in the retail and hospitality industries with a stand-alone, web-based inventory management system. It introduces an approval process, detailed inventory access control, and stock requisitions alongside purchase orders and stock transfers. With mystock, businesses can manage their inventory according to their unique needs, from anywhere at any time. The detailed access and reporting capabilities of mystock enable businesses to make informed decisions about their inventory, reduce waste, and streamline their operations. Overall, mystock is an essential tool for any business looking to improve its inventory management processes. myStock fully integrates with TallOrder Point of Sale.

Heightened security

Cloud-based POS systems integrate automatic encryption into all data transfer procedures. Regular security patch additions through its software updates helps to bolster your security.

Effective resource allocation

The requirement for manual data entry and verification is decreased or even eliminated by TallOrder’s POS integrations. This frees up time and effort for your staff members.

Benefits of TallOrder’s POS Integrated system for customers:

Increased product availability

According to the data, availability is critical for market penetration. Customers can expect the same price and payment methods across multiple locations with TallOrder’s integrated POS system. The consistency of experience across platforms, which helps customers maintain an easy and familiar environment, is also related to availability. Discrepancies may result in cart abandonment as well as assumptions about availability on other channels. Customers can also easily track their online and offline purchases in one place. This reduces the possibility of making a mistaken purchase or failing to make a purchase.

Seamless Integrations

TallOrder wants to increase the ways in which your POS can help your company. We can meet all of your business needs by integrating with a network of integrating solutions.


The POS integration system from TallOrder works with various platforms and programmes. The three sections are: POS system integration across locations, POS system integration with other pertinent software (accounting, inventory management, loyalty programs, etc.), and channel integration across online and offline platforms. If done properly, it can enhance data gathering and reporting, which will help to enhance operations. It can also automate notifications of shortages and inventory orders.

It offers users, many of whom frequently switch between channels and demand consistency, a more effortless customer experience. By integrating your systems with TallOrder’s integrated solution, you can increase brand awareness and consistency.

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