TallOrder Point of Sale Product Updates

See the latest builds, features, updates, and improvements of TallOrder POS.
November 2021
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


New Integrations

  • Built in support for Local Device Payment Processor (LDPP) with support for Innervation Veriphone LDPP

New tasks implemented

  • Updated Cart icon to a newer more modern Checkout icon instead of the trolley.
  • Shift & Manager Reports lookup now looks at Shift closed dates vs Shift opened dates.
  • Added Support for LAN Printers in iOS & Windows builds.
  • Added support for Multiple Taxes per product.
  • Changed Location selector switch to only show on Sign In screen.
  • Improved the Purchase Order UI display to be more descriptive in terms of Last Costs & Quantities (On Hand & Back Ordered).
  • Made the reference number more unique especially for Retail merchants – for refunds – now in format of {StockLocationId}- {YYYYMMDD}- {IncrementedCounter} e.g. 20211108-560-00001 vs only 560-00001.
  • Brought in functionality for no receipt printing on checkout.


  • Improved printer settings & configuration.
  • Draft Purchase Orders are now removed instead of stored.
  • Backorder quantity duplications no longer appear on Purchase Orders.
  • Fixed issues with using devices across multiple locations, to take current signed in location into account for Purchase Orders adjustments.
  • Fix to not create multiple stock adjustments on update quantity modal for Retail.
October 2021
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


  • TallOrder Point of Sale is now available on iOS tablets.
  • IOS build is mainly focused on iPad & iPad Pro sizes currently, iPad Mini & iPhone sizes to follow shortly after iPad builds have been released
  • iOS only works with Epson LAN Printers when running in standalone mode, e.g. acting as Main or Independent – if running as Additional, it can print to a Main device’s connected printer / defaulted printer iOS
  •  IOs versions 11+ are supported, however iOS13+ is recommended due to the easier installation process via TestFlight.
August 2021
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


New Integrations

  • Built in support for Local Device Payment Processor (LDPP) with initial EMV card terminal support for African Resonance FNB.
  • CashKeeper Innervation integration
  • Built in support for Order Display Feature, MyTab (http://mytab.tallorder.mobi)

New tasks implemented

  • Added support to be able to post through 0 amount tabs (Complimentary items) to PMS systems
  • Added support for creating recipes via POS, with support for recipe stock units
  • Added functionality for Assembly items to work whether it is stock item true or false.
  • Added ability for any stock items true to show in inventory stock-take screens, even for assembly type items
  • Added functionality to print complimentary add-ons and options depending on admin tenant setting
  • Selling Location name added to Manager Cash Up Report
  • Limiting quantity modal input fields to 9 characters maximum quantity
  • Brought in masking of manager & staff pins on users on POS with **** and ******

Adjustments and Updates:

  • Recipes fully functional in POS for Hospitality & Retail
  • Better stability for SnapScan override payments and handling thereof.
  • Reopening of shifts amended- you now cannot reopen shifts while having a current shift still open
  • TOGO tabs now a part of cash up
  • Now able to do negative quantity stock take inputs
May 2021
TallOrder Admin Dashboard

Auto Inventory

  • We have removed the concepts of Inventory Tree and Inventory headings and will automatically manage the inventory sequence and structure by Department/Items alphabetically within department.
  • We have added the much-requested Item setting called “Stock Item” which has a ‘Yes/No’ option. By default, the Stock Item setting will be ‘Yes’, but you can change this as required. When an item is set as Stock Item, it will appear in any of the inventory processes and on inventory reports and of course stock levels will be tracked.
  • Items where Stock Item is set to ‘No’ will not show any stock quantities and will not appear on any of the Inventory processes. Cost calculations will be based on the item’s Cost field. These are typically items which are services and where stock levels are not tracked. Items that are recipes of type assembled will generally not be a stock item, whereas recipe items that are produced in batches will generally be a stock item.
  • One of the easiest ways of updating the Stock Item settings will be via Export / Import process using the likes of Excel. We are also adding a new Stock Item Export option that will make it easier working with the most used inventory fields.
April 2021
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


  • TallOrder has moved over to the latest version of the XERO API.
  • TallOrder now posts Supplier PO’s and Supplier Invoices to XERO as Awaiting payment and not directly to Bills – you are therefore now able to first approve bills before paying your suppliers.
  • Item level VAT overrides Merchant’s VAT setup
  • Delivery charges on Purchase Orders now sync through to Xero
  • Improved logging regarding Xero side accounting setup changes, notifying uswhen changes need to be made TallOrder side
  • Built in error handling to be able to insert slashes in control accounts
  • Enabled option to enable Inventory through Xero but not requiring Cost of Sales setup
  • Check has been built in to see if a customer has existing Credit Notes and if so credit notes will be allocated to outstanding invoices
  • CustomerID now being used as unique identifier to identify customers, giving users the freedom to change their customer’s names and emails
  • Invoice Numbers now being sent through to Xero as Supplier references and Purchase Order Numbers have been adjusted to be unique and to be similar with your TallOrder Purchase Order Numbers
  • Purchase Orders now sync through based on each Suppliers Tax on Xero
March 2021
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


Please find a brief overview of all the fixes and small changes we completed in build 7.6.28:
• Supplier filtering on purchase orders have been fixed.
• Stock take sorting has been fixed.
• Ensuring sorting inside stock take sheets stay in sequence.
• Purchase order filtering via headings for items and suppliers have been fixed.
• The base unit of items will now be updated correctly on the POS side when changed on our Admin side and published.