TallOrder Point of Sale Product Updates

See the latest builds, features, updates, and improvements of TallOrder POS.
December 2022
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


New tasks Implemented

Foreign Currency CheckOut:

New Additions and Operational changes:

  • When Discounts have been applied to a Tab/ Item, it first had to be removed before the quantity of the item could be adjusted – The discount will now automatically be removed, and quantity can be changed much more efficiently.
  • Account Balance now shows on the Account Receipts after payment has been processed and Invoice is printed.
  • GOPM calls (such as SnapScan, Zapper and Masterpass) now include a few additional fields: Tax total, Item specific Tax, Original Price of item and Discounted Price when applicable – This allows for future additions to any integrations using the GOPM call method.
  • Added a more Secure way of utilizing Service Fees – This will assist with any abuse of the feature that could’ve taken place.
July 2022
TallOrder Admin Dashboard



• POS can now fully handle large and complex tabs

TallOrder Admin Dashboard


New tasks implemented

• Update the order lines in POS to use the tenant decimal currency.
• On mobile platforms: Now hides the master login selection.
• Silent sign in to retrieve aws_credentials when object is empty in pos-config.


• Discount Values improved.
• No reprinting of receipt tax value of closed tab increases.
• Tax on promotions.
• Subtotal now include discounts.
• Items price now corresponding to the weighted bar codes.
• Reprinting closed tabs on iOS
• IOS staff inactivity now functional.
• Tax and line total calculations improved.
• Invoice_number now saved in PO’s template
• Converting Quote to tab multiplies the item quantity
• POS completes the remainder of the PO’s
• Closed tabs do not reflect same values as discount
• Discount on Line Item do now subtract
• Multi taxes calculation improved.
• Excluding taxes calculations on line total improved
• QR codes now display on android devices;
• Sign-in for multiple stock locations available for a single location enabled.

May 2022
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


(Please note this new build is only for Windows and iOS. The Android version is pending.)

Notable Updates:

  • Implement a Sanity check on POS for empty stock-levels object.
  • Decimals in currency are fully allowed.
  • Encrypt AWS keys in pos-config.
  • Transaction Sync log, StockAdjustments, PrintLog and TabAudit should be cleaned.


  • Tax calculation in POS improved.
  • Enable NFC card readers on Additional Devices.
  • Enable offline login when users disconnect.
April 2022
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


(Please note this new build is only for Windows and iOS. The Android version is pending)

New tasks implemented

  • Added service fee total in cash up summary.
  • Added POS Off Line notifications to disable on-line services.
  • Added functionality to disable POS menu editing.
  • Added functionality to clear Staff table and User table on publishes.


  • Gratuities to be deducted from Cash Expected.
  • Shift report restrictions.
  • Stock Take quantity update.
  • Layout Shift Report in landscape mode.
  • Added Closed / Open date functionality on managers report.
  • Added functionality to disable submit button on end shift to prevent duplicate shifts starts.
  • Added functionality to reload POS printer setting if lost.
March 2022
TallOrder Admin Dashboard


New tasks implemented

  • Added support for Yoco (on iOS as initial launch)
  • Added Option to display term for Gratuities as Tip or Gratuity on slips
  • Added options to either hide or show Gratuity & Total Lines on proforma (Show Gratuity & Total Lines on Proforma)
  • Added options to either hide or show Guest Signature on proforma (Show Guest Lines Signature Lines on Proforma)
  • Added options to either hide or show “thank you & have a nice day” message (Print POS Footer on Pro Forma/Receipts)
  • Added option to print or hide tax rates on POS (Tax Types – Print Tax Rate)
  • Added support for Sales Reps to be added to Retail type merchants


  • Multiple improvements on Cash Up report – especially with regards to Petty Cash & Account Payments
  • Changes to negative stock feature and how negative stock impacts costs
  • Enabled functionality of keyboard on checkout tender amount keypad modal
  • Decimal point on quantity modal enabled
  • Tax Type start and end dates enabled
  • Manager and Shift report show Turnover + Gratuity instead of Turnover now
  • A