POS Terminal Devices

POS software mostly runs on one of three types of hardware: tablet, desktop PC or hardware that is a combination of both.

Generally, you would need at least one device per register. Any device with a full-function operating system that connects to the internet works.

Re-use Your Own Personal Windows device as long as your device matches the following specs your devices should be ideal to use for TallOrder POS Software.

Minimum Specs to Run TallOrder Point of Sale Software

Master if more than 2 workstations:

  • i3 CPU 2.53 GHz (Quad Core)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • Windows 10

Additional or Master if less than 2 workstations:

  • J1900 CPU 2.42GHz (Quad Core)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • Windows 10

Apple iPad:

  • iPad 9th gen and up
  • No Mini’s
  • iOS 13 and up

Recommended Hardware to run TallOrder Point of Sale Software

Any USB Scanners

  • Zebra LI2208 Handheld 1D Linear Imager; Black w/stand USB Kit
  • Zebra LS2208 Handheld 1D Laser; Black w/stand USB Kit
  • HR22 Dorada II 2D CMOS H/held Reader with 3m USB cable & foldable stand
  • DATALOGIC QW LITE INC Scanner – USB Cable + Scanner Stand
  • Newland ID HR32 Marlin 2D
  • Newland ID HR22 Dorada II 2D
  • Datalogic Quickscan QBT2131 Bluetooth Kit USB Linear Imager
  • HiStone MD6107Hs Handheld 1D & 2D Barcode Scanner
  • HiStone CS2290 HD (High Definition) Wireless 1D/2D Handheld Scanner

Any with RJ11 with kick interface

  • Pinnpos Cash Drawer CM410 Black 24V RJ11 Connector Insert Tray 5 Bill 8 Coin
  • HiStone CB410E
  • HiStone CB420G
  • HiStone CB308A 24V
  • FingerPrint Reader
  • SLK20R USB Fingerprint Reader
Independant Device

TallOrder can run on a stand-alone device which is required to be within the specs mentioned above for each respective platform. *

Multiple Device Setup

For multiple device setup you need one main POS (Master) which all the other additional devices will be connected to and sync with. **

** We recommend the “Master” device to be Windows operated, to run while offline, and “Novice” can be any other recommended devices.


TallOrder is flexible and versatile. If you’re currently using another point of sale system, TallOrder can work with the printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer that you currently have. TallOrder POS works on any device with a web-browser, so your iPad, desktop computer or laptop is already good to go.


With plug & play support for printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers, you don’t need to be an IT genius to get set up. Our recommended hardware will work seamlessly with TallOrder POS and you will have access to award-winning hardware support if needed.


Our team is ready to help with guides, walkthroughs, and email support. If needed our 24/7 Support team and TallOrder Expert Partners can provide onsite support for a more integrated set-up and support service. It’s easy and painless to get set up!

If you are a bigger store with more complex requirements or need some in-person help,
our TallOrder Experts are here to assist.


Contact us for hassle free on-site setup today