Unleash the Power of TallOrder Point of Sale Software for Your Retail Business

Are you a small or medium-sized retailer looking to boost your business’ efficiency, increase profits, and deliver exceptional service to your customers?
Look no further! TallOrder Point of Sale software is here to transform your retail operations.

Fast and Accurate Point of Sale

Say goodbye to long queues and waiting times. With TallOrder, you'll speed up the checkout process, scan items faster, and ensure quicker payments. Your customers will love the improved service and keep coming back for more.

Offline Capabilities

TallOrderPOS ensures your business keeps running smoothly even when your internet connection is disrupted. Our innovative Cloud Point of Sale system has you covered.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Understanding your customers' buying habits is key to effective marketing. TallOrder equips you with the tools to create personalized marketing campaigns, making your customers feel valued and more likely to shop with you.


Boost your sales and customer loyalty with our loyalty program. Our solution offers a seamless way to reward your customers for their repeat business, encouraging increased sales and fostering lasting relationships.

Seamless Payment Integration

TallOrder effortlessly integrates with various payment methods, providing convenience to both you and your customers. Accept traditional and alternative payment options with ease.

Cost-Effective Solution

TallOrder believes that every SME retailer deserves a cost-effective yet powerful point of sale solution. Our software gives you the tools you need to thrive without breaking the bank.

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Solving Your Toughest Business Challenges

  • Boost Efficiency and Profitability
    Tallorder’s POS system revolutionises retail by enhancing efficacy and profitability through streamlined operations and optimised sales strategies.
  • Advanced Inventory Management
    Tallorder’s POS system offers cutting-edge inventory management tools, enabling precise control and efficiency for the retail sector.
  • Seamless Payment and Accounting Integration
    Utilise TallOrder for flawless payment integration and streamlined accounting, ensuring efficient operations and accurate financial tracking for businesses.
  • Cloud Property Management Connection
    Leverage TallOrder for seamless cloud property management integration, enabling efficient operations and centralised control for enhanced business management.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
    Opt for TallOrder for its unmatched cross-platform compatibility, facilitating seamless operations across various devices and ensuring versatile accessibility.

Why Choose TallOrder POS?

Fast and Accurate POS

Offline Capabilities

Inventory Management Made Easy

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Engage Customers Face-to-Face

Seamless Payment Integration

Cost-Effective Solution

Take Your Business Online

Stay in the Know with Mobile Reporting

Enhance Your In-Store Experience

Accounting integration


Ready to Transform Your Retail Business?
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TallOrder Pricing Packages

R625 or $47.95$/mo (ex VAT)
  • Single License

  • TallOrder Single License per location/merchant per device
    • Includes 1 myStock license and mytab
    • Initial setup fee: R625 or $47.95
    • Growing your business you can:
      Add an additional device later for R625 or $47.95 per month (set up fees apply)
R1055 or $79.95$/mo (ex VAT)
  • Starter Pack

  • TallOrder Starter Pack per location
    • Includes 2 POS Devices and mytab + 2 myStock users
    • Initial setup fee: R1055 or $79.95
    • Growing your business you can:
      Add an additional device later for R525 or $39.95 per month (set up fees apply)

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