Supporting Our Partners at Zapper to #SaveYourFave

Dear Trusted TallOrder Family

The team at TallOrder would like to let you know that we are thinking of you during this lockdown period! Together we will make it through this crisis.

Our Partners at Zapper have launched a #SaveYourFave campaign which allows customers to donate directly to their favourite businesses. All the payments donated via Zapper will be processed for free!

We commend our partners at Zapper for taking action.

Let your customers know that if they are able to help, that they can by:

  • Making sure that they are on the latest version of Zapper
  • Tap on Zapper Nearby to find your business (if you don’t see the Donate buttons, please refresh the app)
  • Tap Donate, enter an amount and pay

Together we can #SaveYourFave!

With Zapper you can pay bills in a matter of seconds and quickly log in and sign up to websites, without using a keyboard. When you come across a Zapper QR Code at a website, scan the code and Zapper signs you up or logs you in, without requesting your username or password. When you find a Zapper QR Code on your bill, scan it with Zapper and confirm the amount to be paid.

TallOrder Point of Sale integrates directly with Zapper. No matter how your customers would like to pay for their desired item, our integrated system will be able to process the payment quickly and easily.

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