Creating a Sense of Community with Digital Signage

Gone are the days of messy noticeboards covered with faded, weather-beaten notices. Outdoor screens and screens in community centres have become the norm. When one thinks of digital signage it is often connected with advertising, however, because digital signage technology is so versatile it can be used to create a sense of community.  Here are three ways digital signage can help to create a sense of community.

Share community news

Certainly one of the first ways digital signage can be used to is to share community news and information. Digital signage can, therefore, replace traditional signage methods and save people time and money.

Additionally, digital signage can be used to share information about local activities, fundraising efforts, such as food and clothing drives for example. Equally, it can also be used to promote local social events and encourage individuals to connect with one another. These screens can also be used to help people book or organise commual spaces.

Equally, digital signage can also be used to advertises local businesses. Small, independent businesses bring character to a community and add value to the local culture. Individuals may be motivated to get to know their immediate environement better and use their money to support local businesses.

Make the community safer

Digital Signage screens can be updated in a quick and easy manner. They are, therefore, ideal for sharing safety information. Outdoor displays can play a very important role in public safety. For example, outdoor signage can warn commuters of severe weather and offer safety tips during these conditions. These kinds of digital screens can also be used to provide general safety tips. These kinds of tips can also include details surrounding emergency procedures and tips about how to respond to various kinds of emergencies, such as accidents or muggings. Individuals can also use digital signage screens to share details about recent crime in the area and provide the contact details of the relevant authorities.

Raise awareness and increase engagement

Digital signage can also play a role in helping raise awareness on community issues, such as ways in which the individauls can help those most vulnerable in their area. Screens can be used to discuss engagement projects that are on-going and can serve as a call-to-action to get other people involved in these projects. By spending community news, these digital screens can help to instill a sense of pride and motivate indviduals to stay connected and aware of one another. Community members can share achievements and well wishes, thereby strengthening connections.

Digital Signage can be used to help a community become safer; create closeness and pride; and raise awareness in the community.

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