Don’t Let Orders Slip Through The Cracks With SlipApp!

Announcing TallOrder’s new Order Display Feature, SlipApp! Busy restaurants may have a number of orders coming in at once. Amongst the chaos, it often gets confusing to keep track of the growing pile of slips or order tickets. They may get lost, damaged or mixed up, causing customers to wait longer for their orders.

Never lose track of slips and order tickets again with SlipApp, TallOrder’s new Order Display Feature! SlipApp visually displays running orders in an easy colour-coded format for quick order processing.

With SlipApp you can replace all your ticket printers with a paperless alternative. Process orders more efficiently, save printing costs and improve customer satisfaction. Instead of having orders printed on slips and then physically handed to the chef or bartender the order is issued digitally through SlipApp.

Do you want your business to be more eco-friendly? SlipApp reduces the number of paper slips being printed and distributed. It’s also possible to go completely paperless by using SlipApp in the kitchen and use TallOrder to email receipts to customers!

Benefits of having a POS with our built-in Order Display feature, SlipApp

  • Reduced ticket times: Food can be ready in record time.
  • More Efficient Kitchen Operations: Chefs and kitchen staff can have real-time updates of orders coming in and be able to prioritise.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers don’t wait for their orders. Ensure that the correct orders go out to customers in a timely fashion.
  • Reduction in paper costs: SlipApp eliminates the need for kitchen printers and paper tickets, saving you money on receipt paper and deducing your environmental impact.
  • Access to kitchen performance data:  By using SlipApp you can collect data about, for example, time between orders accepted, process and collected and at various times of the day or week, etc. This data can help you measure and improve kitchen performance and ensure that you have enough staff to deal with incoming orders.

With an Order Display Feature integrated into your Point of Sale you can unify your front and back of house, resulting in a more efficient restaurant and a better guest experience.

Don’t let orders slip through the cracks with SlipApp!

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