SlipApp Kitchen Order Display from TallOrder POS

Don’t let orders slip through the cracks with SlipApp!

Transform kitchen efficiency with SlipApp Kitchen Display System by TallOrder. Streamline orders, enhance communication, and optimise workflow in your restaurant’s kitchen. Discover how this intuitive display system revolutionises order management, ensuring seamless operations and timely service for heightened customer satisfaction.

With SlipApp you can replace all your ticket printers with a paperless alternative.

Process orders more efficiently, save printing costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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So why choose SlipApp?


Instead of having orders printed on slips and then physically handed to the chef or bartender the order digitally goes through SlipApp. Never lose track of an order.


SlipApp eliminates the need for kitchen printers and paper tickets, saving you money on receipt paper and deducing your environmental impact.


Allow customers to track the status of their order via a customer-facing screen.


SlipApp is conveniently integrated with our TallOrder POS.

I’m sold! What now?


When TallOrder POS and SlipApp work together, they unify your front and back of house, creating a more efficient restaurant and a better guest experience.