Spice up your Digital Signage this Summer

With the summer holiday season upon us, more and more people will be venturing out their doors to take advantage of the warm weather. Businesses have to be creative with their marketing and maybe bring out all the stops to drive summer sales. A good digital signage marketing strategy that takes advantage of these summer occasions is sure to bring attention to any store or restaurant.

We’ve gathered four digital signage tips to make sure that you get your message out there this summer.

Take advantage of the season

Summer is the season of outdoor activity, socialising, and window shopping. Businesses can take advantage of the roving groups by placing digital displays near their storefront windows and entrances. Encourage new customers to venture further in your store by displaying what your business has to offer from the moment they step into the building. Or embrace the new trend of pop-up stands outside your store to take advantage of the summer weather.

Get Creative- good content is key

The summer season is often associated with joy and fun, because a lot of people will be enjoying the end-of-year holidays. Create digital content that is engaging and that which captures the atmosphere of summer. Embrace this time of year by appealing to your customer’s emotions. That being said don’t over complicate your content. Just make sure that it is visually appealing and seasonally relevant to your target customer. Also make sure that your seasonal content contains the correct information for customers, especially if you are running sales that only last through the summer.

Use your content to Promote and Upsell

Take this time as an opportunity to show off! With more potential customers roaming around your business, you should ensure that you make use of promotional content. Think about what your business has to offer that would be appealing to customers this summer, whether it is offering patio accessories or ice-creams- try and be creative!

Build Brand Awareness

Incorporate your brand into your signage. Use consistent fonts and colours to help make your brand recognisable. This will help customers recognize and remember your brand after the holidays have ended. Otherwise, if your brand is starting to feel a little stale why don’t you use the festive season to update your brand. You can strategically promote your rebranding by embracing new signage techniques and technologies.

One easy way to achieve these tips is to ensure that you have quality Digital Signage Software. PageMan is a Cloud-based Digital Signage Solution, which allows business owners to display their marketing message quickly and easily across one or multiple screens from a remote location. PageMan DSS can be used in various different ways, including to display advertising, promotions, educational and informative content. Cloud-based digital signage allows your data to be easily stored and accessed from anywhere immediately and without complications. PageMan is ideal for displaying content on multiple screens and at different times and in various locations through using cloud based digital signage. Let PageMan Digital Signage help your business stand out this summer!

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