Slide Cashless payments and full stock control made easy for schools with TallOrder and Sticitt Learners can use their Sticitt pay e-wallets on their mobile phones to scan to pay for items at their school tuckshop or merchandise store. TallOrder POS processes these transactions with ease and helps schools with their stock and inventory management! Request a FREE Demo
TallOrder Device screen

What do you get with TallOrder’s integration with Sticitt

Convenience and customer satisfaction
Parents don’t have to worry about giving their children money that may be stolen or lost at school. Our integration puts them in control of their child’s e-wallet with ease.

Using encrypted payment integrations means that school tuckshops and merchandise stores can safely and secure accept digital payments.

No integration fee

Integrate your POS with Sticitt without any extra cost from TallOrder Solutions.

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What TallOrder Point of Sale does

Fast & accurate Point of Sale Solution

A fast, efficient and affordable Point of Sale increases business revenue, lowers costs and provides customers with a satisfying experience.

Smart reporting capabilities

The secure Cloud-based data warehouse enables flexible, fast and accurate reporting. Placing your business’ key metrics at your fingertips.

Long list of POS features

Inventory management, multiple traditional and alternative payment methods, 3rd-party integrations, loyalty features.

About Sticitt Pay

Financial services that give people control and visibility to enable them to optimise the benefit gained from their money – Money working the way YOU want it to (personal, simple, understandable, transparent). Working towards Transparent, Personal, and Simple financial services

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