How to create a successful Online Ordering Menu for Takeaway and Delivery

With the lingering fear of the COVID-19 pandemic, in today’s tech-focused world, many restaurants have been forced to alter their business model to offer takeaways and deliveries. Whether you are using a third-party app or via a native restaurant point of sale integration, constructing an online menu for collection or delivery orders is not as easy as it seems. Many businesses may be tempted to simply copy their standard menu over to a digital format, but this might even end up costing your business.

Here are some tips on how to create the most successful online ordering menu

Edit your menu items.

Firstly, you need to think about which menu items you would like to include on your online ordering menu. Rethink your menu to provide yourself with a certain amount of flexibility. This flexibility will allow you to spend less money on inventory and have control over how much inventory you are ordering and storing during this time. Simplify your menu to include your most popular items so that you do not waste money or stock on complicated items.

Keep your menu simple. Focus on what you are known for and see what you can achieve with limited ingredients and staff. You also need to think about which items in your menu are easy to transport as takeaways and deliveries. Be creative to fully make use of the inventory that you already have, so that nothing in your kitchen goes to waste.

Edit your menu for online and mobile platforms

It may be tempting to simply upload a PDF version of your menu onto an online platform, but often a PDF version may be too small to read on mobile. Some of your menus may even be lost or blurry. A surefire way to lose customers attention.

You also need to ensure that your menu item names and descriptions are clear and descriptive. Online you will attract customers who are not familiar with quirky descriptions of your menu, and you may lose customers who can’t find what they are looking for. Make sure that your promotional or hero items are clearly visible on your online menu. Make sure that your brand and identity is still clear on the online menu. You need to craft your menu design to work best in the palm of your customer’s hand.

Quality photographs

People love to see photographs of food. Make sure that your online menu includes enough high-quality photographs of the food on your menu to make your customer’s mouths water. Aim to share at least two to three high-quality images of each menu item and ensure your dishes closely resemble these photos when they get served to the customer. Just make sure that the photographs aren’t too large, because this may affect your online menu’s loading speed. Customers may click away if a menu takes too long to load or open.

Embrace the digital

One of the main benefits of digital and online ordering menus is that it allows customers to customise their orders. Make customisation simple for your guests and your kitchen staff by including all possible substitutions, additions, sides, and allergy restrictions in each menu item.
Allow customers to access your digital menu by scanning a QR code either in-store, on your website or on social media platforms. With QR codes, customers can easily pull up your menu and place their orders through their mobile device.

By optimising your restaurant menu to increase your online presence you guarantee more sales and a more convenient customer journey.

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