Download the PDF doc of this process here

How to assign and print a single item barcode


  1. From the TallOrder menu slow/long press the item with a barcode assigned. 
    The item details modal will open:

  2. Click edit on the item modal- enter the manager pin to authorize the item edit. The item edit fields will show:
  3. Take note of the barcode and click the ”Print Barcode” button on the item edit window. The print barcode quantity modal will appear.
  4. Adjust the quantity on barcode stickers that you would like to print and click the “Print” button. A barcode sticker will print from the barcode printer, printing the barcode, item name and price.

Download the PDF doc of this process here

Bulk printing barcodes for multiple items

  1. Firstly, select the Inventory icon from the TallOrder home menu screen > enter a valid manager pin to authorize access to Inventory – you will be redirected to the inventory menu.

  2. In the Inventory Menu click on the “Barcode Printing” button. A list of collapsed headings will appear:
  3. Expand any heading to view the items > adjust the item quantities belonging to that heading  (NB you can choose items from different menus headings).
  4. The  specified products and quantity specified for to printed will print ( keep in mind that if a barcode is not assigned to a product then no printing will take occur).
  5. Click on the Print Barcodes Button at the bottom of the screen. You will receive a notification that your barcodes are being printed.

Download the PDF doc of this process here

Setting up one printer for my receipts and kitchen slips

Printer stations can be set up in the Devices Tab – this will allow you to set up the respective printing station(s).

Select ‘Printers’:

Next, select ‘Create Device’ – you are only required to input the Required fields (marked with an Asterix).

‘Printer Name’ would be the printer station (Main Printer, Kitchen Printer, Bar Printer etc). ‘Device Type’ = Select ‘Printer’ from the drop down list. ‘Handler’ = Select ‘Print Server’ from the drop down list.

The rest of the fields can be populated from the TallOrder POS when the printer is installed on the respective device.

Download the PDF doc of this process here

Setting Up Printers

This document will explain how to set up a printer as well as a printer at another station for example a Bar station that will print bar items only. I will explain how to assign products to a certain printer at a later stage.

Step 1:
Navigate to where you need to create printer stations. Click on “Devices” and then “Printers” (marked in red).

Step 2:
If there’s a printer station like the below then you can click on the pencil marked in red and edit the name to the desired station.

After you have changed the station name you can create a new one by clicking on “Create Station” (marked in red).

Step 3:
After the stations has been created, you need to add a printer to the station by clicking on the “Add Printer” (marked in red).

Step 4:
In this example I’ll be setting up a LAN Printer for the Main Station. You have to retrieve the IP address from the printer to add it to “IP Address”. Set the “Port” to 9100 if it’s a LAN Printer.

If this is the Default Printer then set it to “Yes”.

Moving on the the Bar Printer. In this case I will set it up as a USB printer.

If this is the Default Printer then set it to “Yes”.

If you want a certain item to print at a certain printer for example a beer at the Bar Printer then make sure to set the “Station” to Bar.