TallOrder Point of Sale Launches Integration with Mews Systems

https://cloudone.mobi would like to announce that our TallOrder Point of Sale software now integrates with Mews Hostel Management software. Mews is a Cloud-based Property Management System that helps hotels automate their operations so that they can as a result focus on their guests. Their intuitive and open platform, therefore, lets you quickly plug in a variety of apps and platforms and then manage your PMS from any device at any time.

Founded in 2012 by Matthijs Welle and Richard Valtr, Mews has undeniably revolutionised the way that hotels operate across all departments, through its mobile hotel management platform. On the whole, Mews enables hotel operators to free themselves from boring administration and rather focus on creating real customer experiences.

TallOrder and Mews function perfectly together

TallOrder’s integration with Mews allows guests to charge items from, for example, hotel restaurants, gift shops, spas, etc. to their room number with ease. Never lose track of guests spending. Make operations more convenient for cash-carrying guests or who would prefer to pay at the end of their stay. Mews and TallOrder’s integration allows for the quick and easy sharing of transaction and inventory data across all hotel locations. Consequently, this kind of smart data allows hotels to make better business decisions going forward.

The Mews PMS platform was designed with the aim of creating new revenue channels and branding opportunities for hotels as well as offering guests more flexibility to create and manage their ideal stay. TallOrder Point of Sale was developed specifically with the hospitality industry in mind. TallOrder POS hosts many amazing features which can help hotels and guesthouse function efficiently. Don’t waste precious guest service time worrying about your Point of Sale.

In conculsion, with offices in six countries and customers in 45 countries, Mews Systems is an imporant partner to have and we are proud to help them enter the Southern Africa market.

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