TallOrder POS: Built for the Hospitality Industry!

Running and managing a restaurant involves a lot of passion, but also a lot of time and effort. At TallOrder POS we know that you would rather spend your time giving your customers a quality culinary experience rather than struggling with the nitty-gritty aspects of running a restaurant, such as cash-ups, reports, or inventory.

TallOrder POS has a number of amazing features/ benefits:

    • Cloud-based: Your data is saved in the Cloud, meaning you can take your POS anywhere!
    • Table-Side Service: Allow customers to order items directly from their table with the use of a tablet or personal device for faster service delivery on smaller items.
    • Inventory: Manage your products and pricing, control purchase orders, suppliers, stock levels and sales trends.
    • Offline Capability: Run your POS offline even when faced with little or no internet connection. Seamlessly sync up all your data once you have connectivity again.
    • Accounting integration: Seamlessly integrate your POS with various Cloud-based accounting software systems, such as Sage and Xero.
    • Reporting: Keep a clear check on all your restaurant operations by viewing the daily reports.
    • Payment Methods: Offer your customers the opportunity to pay with multiple payment methods. Such as cash, card, Masterpass, Zapper and Snapscan.
    • Loyalty programs: Entice customers to return to your establishment, therefore increasing sales.
    • ToGo: Our ToGo online ordering app lets customers order food and drinks from their laptop, phone or tablet to be collected. A speedy and efficient way to serve your customers without asking them to hang around and wait for their orders!
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