TallOrder Pricing Packages (ex VAT)

R625 or $47.95$/mo (ex VAT)
  • Single License

  • TallOrder Single License per location/merchant per device
    • Includes 1 myStock license and mytab
    • Initial setup fee: R625 (ex VAT) or $47.95
    • Growing your business you can:
      Add an additional device later for R625 (ex VAT) or $47.95 per month (set up fees apply)
R1055 or $79.95$/mo (ex VAT)
  • Starter Pack

  • TallOrder Starter Pack per location
    • Includes 2 POS Devices and mytab + 2 myStock users
    • Initial setup fee: R1055 (ex VAT) or $79.95
    • Growing your business you can:
      Add an additional device later for R525 (ex VAT) or $39.95 per month (set up fees apply)

TallOrder Add-ons (ex VAT)

myStock Inventory Management

myStock is TallOrder Point of Sale’s brand-new stand-alone Inventory Management feature. myStock, our new generation Inventory application, is now offered as a web-app and runs stand-alone from the TallOrder POS application. myStock introduces an approval process for Inventory management, a detail inventory access control process and Stock Requisitions alongside Purchase orders and Stock Transfers.


ToGo Online Ordering App

Extend your revenue stream with TallOrder ToGo! Let your customers order and pay directly from any device, anywhere. You approve the orders and prepare them for collection or once payment is made. Grab a Bite with ToGo!


SlipApp Order Display

With SlipApp you can replace all your ticket printers with a paperless alternative. Process orders more efficiently, save printing costs and improve customer satisfaction.


mytab Display Feature

Using a second device directed towards the customers, mytab allows you to display orders, tax info, loyalty info, QR codes for payments and discounts to customers during the checkout process. mytab is a web-based application that can run on virtually any device and it is also available across Windows, iOS and Android TallOrder POS devices.

Included in Single License and Starter Pack packages

Events Package (ex VAT)

It is clear that festivals and events require a Point of Sale Solution that is swift, adaptable, and unfailingly precise. Enter TallOrder POS—an optimal choice for gatherings of every scale. Our Events Package offers the flexibility of paying solely for the duration of your event while enjoying all the robust features of our Point of Sale. With this package, you can effortlessly manage an unlimited array of products on the system, ensuring seamless transactions throughout your event.


TallOrder Point of Sale can Help Make Your Event a Success.


  • R160 ($12) for 24 Hours
  • R260 ($20) for 48 Hours
  • R315 ($25) for 72 Hours
  • Only pay for the duration that you need a POS!

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