Introducing myStock – TallOrder’s New Stand-Alone Inventory Feature

myStock Inventory Management Feature

Introducing myStock – TallOrder’s New Stand-Alone Inventory Feature

myStock Inventory Management Feature

Introducing myStock, TallOrder’s innovative new inventory management solution. It integrates seamlessly with TallOrder Cloud Point of Sale for maximum efficiency. myStock is a browser-based, web application that allows you to manage your inventory from anywhere, anytime. Designed following extensive customer input, myStock is user-friendly with a consistent interface across all inventory actions.

There was overwhelming demand to uncouple Inventory from the POS application, due to different users requiring access to Inventory vs day to day POS functions. All inventory actions support draft and template orders, which ensure regular requisitions, purchases, production orders, issues or transfers are quick and easy to complete.

It’s ideal for businesses with multiple stock locations or those who need tighter control over inventory. myStock is accessible from anywhere at any time for on-the-go users. myStock features include: Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Transfers, Production, Stock Issues, Wastage, Stock Returns and enhanced mobile Stock Take functionality.

myStock offers secure inventory management with approval levels and access control down to stock location level and specific inventory actions. The month-end process allows for continued business operations during stock counts and the month-end adjustment period.

Request a free demo of myStock or set up a meet to discuss your switchover from POS inventory to myStock +27 (0) 21 201 1579.

myStock features:

  • Support for multiple types of stock locations, including cost-centres that only consume stock without holding stock; admin locations that can place orders on behalf of other locations and fully featured stock locations.
  • iCount: empowers staff to blind-count stock for stock receipts and stock takes using mobile devices, eliminating printed count sheets and double entry of the counts.
  • Stock Enquiries: view and edit real time product info, view stock levels, stock movements and recipes. Support for advanced price updates based on departmental GP targets.
  • Stock Requisitions: request stock from another location, with auto transfer generation if able to fulfil and unfulfilled orders are added to the Pending Purchase Order List.
  • Purchase Orders: Generate specific POs as required or from the Pending Purchase Order List. Support for ad-hoc purchases.
  • Stock Transfers: transfer stock between multiple locations with support for consolidated stock transfers.
  • Stock Issues: track inventory consumed by the merchant.
  • Return Stock: return damaged, expired, or surplus stock to suppliers.
  • Wastage: track wasted stock due to expiration or damage.
  • Production: Create Production Orders as required or from the Pending Production Order List. Manage Recipes/Ingredient lists, batch production with ingredient summaries, shortfall lists, real time costing and auto-wasting of rejected items.
  • Set up stock takes as required based on specific items, comprehensive counts or that great daily random stock take per location and/or per department(s).
  • Detailed Reports: inventory, stock movements, production, suppliers, PO reports, and more.


In conclusion, myStock stands as TallOrder’s revolutionary answer to the evolving needs of businesses seeking comprehensive inventory management. The decision to create a stand-alone feature arose from the discerning feedback of our diverse user base, highlighting the necessity to separate inventory tasks from day-to-day Point of Sale functions. myStock’s browser-based, web application ensures accessibility anywhere, anytime, fostering a user-friendly experience with a uniform interface for all inventory actions.

Addressing the demand for increased control over inventory, myStock supports multiple stock locations and offers features such as Purchase Orders, Transfers, Stock Issues, and more. Its security measures, including approval levels and access control, add an extra layer of protection. The month-end process allows for uninterrupted business operations during stock counts and adjustments.

With iCount enabling efficient stock counting on mobile devices and comprehensive reporting functionalities, myStock empowers businesses with a holistic inventory solution. Whether managing multiple stock locations or enhancing control measures, myStock’s capabilities make it an indispensable asset for businesses seeking streamlined and secure inventory management. Contact us for a free demo or consultation, and experience the seamless transition from POS inventory to the advanced features of myStock.