The Foundation of Digital Signage

At some basic level, most of us know what digital signage is. If you were to take notice of the number of digital screens you see throughout your day you would be surprised by the sheer volume. From the digital menu boards at your favourite coffee spot or the digital advertisement on the buildings you pass by; digital signage is a ubiquitous part of our current society.

There are endless more examples and businesses are becoming more creative in the way they are using digital signage. The term digital signage within itself is quite broad. Even though it is generally thought that digital signage only refers to screens, however as digital signage technology advances companies now have endless possible ways to get their message across. The general thought is that digital signage only refers to screens, however as technology advances companies now have endless possible ways to get their message across.

These companies may be interested in using digital signage but might not understand how to, for example, align the hardware and the software or what kind of content to create. Here are some steps to help you set up your digital signage foundation.

Step 1: Hardware and Software

Firstly, you need to ensure that you have suitable hardware and software. These are the foundation of digital signage.  When it comes to hardware, you need to consider what the purpose of your digital signage would be. Your hardware will depend on what you want to do and how intricate your message will be. However, for a basic digital signage hardware set-up, you will need a digital display screen, a media player, and a network connection. It is also necessary for you to make use of digital signage software. Using a software solution that keeps your marketing content neat, clean, and organised is the simplest way to share various messages and promotions with your customers.

Step 2: Content Creation and Curation

Secondly, you need to focus on creating good content or media to display on your digital signage. Companies need to assign an individual or team to be responsible for content creation and curation. Make sure that your content is engaging and able to catch your customers’ attention quickly. (Some say that you only have 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention!) Do your research so that you see what your competition is doing. Remember to constantly change up your content and think out of the box and innovatively.

Digital signage is ideal for various industries, whether selling a product, offering a service or simply wanting to convey a message to the public. With the use of screens, PageMan Digital Signage Software can load and play digital imagery, videos as well as live stream content. Spaces of any shape and size can be an advertising home for your digital signage displays, from showing specials at your storefront or highlighting deals at Point of Sale destinations, to providing valuable information to those who are entering public spaces like malls, buildings, or even directing traffic on the road or foot traffic at large events.

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