Tips For Managing Your Holiday Staff

It is no secret that the holiday season is a very busy time for retail businesses and there is guaranteed to be an influx of customers looking for festive gifts. To ensure that your staff does not get overwhelmed by this influx you will have to adjust your holiday staffing.

Make use of your retail point of sale data analytics to generate reports to measure the holiday season foot traffic, conversion rates,  total sales and much more. This data can help you, thus, anticipate the coming holiday season and hire additional staff accordingly.

Start Early

By using the sales trends for the previous years you can start to predict whether you will need additional staff for the peak season. You need to get ahead of the hiring rush so that that you get quality seasonal staff candidates.

Starting early also gives you more flexibility in your hiring. As a result, you’ll have space to properly vet your candidates, find the applicants who will work best on your staff, and train them well. By starting early you can avoid hiring problematic candidates when you are desperate for  help with the holiday rush.

Treat Holiday Staff the Same as your Regular Staff

In order to provide your customers with a quality experience, it is important for all your staff to be well trained and for them all to work together. It could be challenging to integrate your seasonal staff into your current team so it is important to be aware of the way you treat all your staff. Ensure that you train the staff like you do your year-round team so that they do not get overwhelmed by not knowing what to do when the store fills up.

It would also be a good idea to also enlist your full-time staff to help train your seasonal staff. Not only will this make your full-time staff feel more secure, they may often do a better job at training because they may have more experience with working on the retail floor and with customers than you do. This shared training also helps to create a more comfortable environment amongst all your staff.

Start a staff referral program

Another way to encourage your full-time staff to feel involved is to start a staff referral program. These kinds of programs encourage your time to keep an eye out for like-minded people, who may have similar work ethics. Ask your staff to refer applicants for open positions, and give them incentive to do so, such as cash rewards or altered shift times. They also allow your team to work with people they know, like, and trust already. This can help take the edge off so your team provides better customer service during panicked rushes. Consequently, based on this referral program, you can have a list of trusted seasonal employees to draw on every year going forward.

Offer post-season full-time jobs

Give your top seasonal people an opportunity to earn an ongoing job past the festive season. Let your new seasonal hires know if you’re looking for long-term hires. For an employee who wants to keep her job even after the holiday madness dies down, this is a great motivation for them to work hard and take the job seriously during their time working for your business.

Above all, as the holidays approach, you need to set yourself up for a smoother season. With careful planning, good hiring practices, and efficient training, your business can get into great shape for the holidays. This will ensure that both your customers and your staff will be happy during the festive season.

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