Why your hotel needs a Point of Sale system

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way in which hotels function, customers still value good customer service. It is therefore crucial for hotels to ensure that their point of contact with customers run smoothly and functions efficiently. A quality point of sale system is therefore essential.

Ways in which POS systems benefit the hotel industry:

Streamline operations

A quality Point of Sale system can help reduce errors and create less administrative work for business owners. Transactions, inventory, length of stay, food and extra charges can all be tracked and charged per guest or per room.

Seamless check-in

Quality Point of Sale systems are able to track the booking/reservation data of guests. All guest data can be stored on the POS system, which allows for a streamlined check-in and check-out process. Guest data can then later be used to personalize targeted marketing campaigns or for future guest check-ins.

The guest journey should be convenient, pleasant and, most importantly, safe. Mobile or online check-ins will mean that guests do not have to wait in queues at reception but can rather check-in and access their room via a unique check-in code. This will also greatly reduce day-to-day friction and you will be able to allocate staff to more important tasks. Contactless payments via smartphones are also a fast, easy and safe way for guests to make payments at your hotel.

Mobile POS benefits

A mobile point of sale allows hotel staff to interact with guests anywhere in the hotel. With a mobile POS, the speed of service is dramatically increased because the staff can bring mobile ordering directly to guests, anywhere on property.

Large hotel properties, such as those situated on wine farms for example, may have guest scattered throughout the property. Mobile POS systems allow staff to take and process orders for guests who are relaxing by the pool or who are strolling the property. This level of convenience increases customer satisfaction and open ups new revenue streams for hotels.

A Point of Sale system connected to a web-based remote ordering app, such as ToGo, can allow guest to place orders from anywhere on the property too.

Food delivery time and Inventory management

Point of Sale systems can speed up food and beverage delivery time, especially if it is plugged into the hotel’s kitchen system. With a quality POS system, fewer order errors will occur, which means that there’s little room for making mistakes when placing a guest order. Stock can also be managed, tracked and reordered through the Point of Sale system.

Managing additional services

Apart from accommodation or food service, many hotels also offer additional services, such as golfing, gift shops, spa and salon treatments, etc. A good POS system can manage these additional services as well as track all the sales and transaction within these services. By maintaining the guest’s record, receipts can be generated in an instant. This provides for easy and painless checkouts/

Based on the above topics, it is clear that a quality point of sale system is as important as the services provided by the hotels.

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