Why Your Night Club Needs a Quality Point of Sale

With the large number of sales made by night clubs every night, it is important for them to invest in a Point of Sale system that is sturdy enough to handle it all. Bars and nightclubs, despite running similarly to other hospitality establishments, often have their own unique needs and concerns. The correct Point of Sale can address these needs and make operations run a lot smoother.

Inventory Management

A busy night club can, on an average night, make a large number of sales and it is vital for club owners to be able to track stock and stock levels. A point of sale system, with an inventory management feature, can help night clubs keep track of stock at the can and bottle level to reduce theft and track overall sales.

Nightclub POS ordering system makes it possible to track all items sold, from the supplier through to the customers. Nightclub owners can therefore keep on top of all their margins and never run out of stock during critical business times. Creating stock order sheets and monitoring variance reports can be done in seconds, meaning less time spent accounting and more time for festivities.

Quick-Adjust of Prices

Night clubs often host special evenings or have drink specials at start and end at specific times. Don’t forget about Happy Hour! Your nightclub POS system can have the ability to change prices directly on the POS device. They can then subsequently be changed back when the special is over. Bartenders and wait staff won’t waste time or risk making mistakes by guessing the proper special price on any beverage or food item served.

Mobile POS = Quick table turnover

Modern Point of Sale Systems can now run off mobile devices, such as tablets, which means that they can be used anywhere in the night club. This, therefore, allows for tableside service, where wait staff can process drinks orders right at the client. Not only will this increase order time, but it will also decrease the wait at the bar; thereby allowing for more sales.

Reporting and Analytics

Night club owners need quick access to all types of data that pertains to their business and can be accessed through the POS system. Using this data, they can then make better business decisions going forwards, such as which items they should stock, etc. Via these kinds of reports, they can also monitor staff performance and be aware of any transactions that seem suspicious or out of the ordinary.

A POS solution that is fast and efficient will help staff input information swiftly and accurately. TallOrder Cloud-based Point of Sale’s smart backend functionality promotes the upselling of products by guiding and educating your staff. This results in an easy ordering process, which increases customer satisfaction.

In conculsion, operating a nightclub can be a lucrative business and with the right Point of Sales system night club owners can ensure that their business is a success.

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