What would a Winery need in a Point of Sale?

Running a winery, no matter the size, often involves so much more than just the varietals. Those who choose to run and manage a winery often have a lot of passion for providing not only excellent wine, but also a luxurious guest experience. Whether dining in or buying wine by the case, providing your customers a five star experience is possible with seamless checkouts. Streamline your winery operations by ensuring that you make use of quality business tools, such as an efficient and expansive Point of Sale.

If you are considering inserting a POS solution into your existing winery operations, you have to ensure that that POS has the following features:

A Cloud-based Solution

Not only is a Cloud-based point of sale more secure, making use of it is overall more affordable. Instead of having to waste money and resources on using a traditional server to maintain your POS, a Cloud-based POS can store and protect your data via the Internet. Cloud computing is affordable, flexible, remote-controlled, secure and collaborative. It also takes care of security back-ups, software updates and integrations. Rather than having to buy numerous and often expensive hardware, you can reduce your costs by using the resources of your Cloud computing service provider.

Reporting and Capturing Data Capabilities

It is very important that your winery’s point of sale system to be able to accurate track and show you your sales data. Your point of sale software should help track down and identify possible deals, based on current pricing, as well as monitor and display your current sales data. Once you get this kind of information you can identify targeted sales opportunities for your customers. For example, if you can see that you are selling more Merlot than Pinot depending on the season, then you can stock more Merlot or adjust the prices accordingly. You need a secure Cloud-based data warehouse that enables flexible, fast and accurate reporting.

Location Management

One of the biggest challenges for wineries when looking for POS software is the fact that a winery often has multiple locations, each with their own set of needs. For example, you might have a tasting room, a gift shop, restaurant and guest house all on one property. You need POS software that can accommodate all of these locations, as well as ensuring that each location’s needs are met.

What does TallOrder POS bring to the Table?

Not only is TallOrder POS Cloud-based, but it also allows for Inventory Management, Smart Reporting and Location Management capabilities.

TallOrder POS is also mobile, which means that waiter or tasting room staff can move around with the POS in hand on a portable device. Using a POS system that allows your staff to easily move around the space greatly enhances the purchase experience. Customers can check out and pay for their orders while enjoying a glass of wine at their table rather than having to stand at a cash register.  A mobile POS allows for a more personal, intimate experience with more opportunities to upsell.

Wineries are often located in countryside locations, often a fair distance from cities and Internet connections may often be unstable or unpredictable. TallOrder POS will keep functioning even if Internet connectivity is down or disrupted. As soon as Internet connectivity is up again,your transactions will be synced to the Cloud.

With TallOrder POS’s loyalty capabilities you can start your own wine club to build customer loyalty. Loyalty wine clubs entice customers to return to your winery time and time again, therefore increasing sales. TallOrder’s Solution can be set up to receive currency or points-based rewards, allowing them to build and redeem when necessary.

TallOrder POS also integrates with several systems in order for you to expand your winery POS system to meet your business’s specific needs. TallOrder offers deep, order-line integration to Sage and other Cloud-based accounting software systems, letting you enjoy faster, more accurate accounting with no duplications. If you have a guest house TallOrder integration with RoomRaccoon, an All-in-One Hotel Management Solution, which makes accommodating guests and their needs even easier.

A quality Point of Sale can make your winery more efficient, because we know that you would rather ensure that your visitors have an enjoyable time at your wine estate rather than have to stress about your point of sale.

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