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A Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution.

PageMan’s cost effective, easy to use Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software Solution delivers your message to one or thousands of displays. PageMan’s point of sale display products are a great option to incorporate into your business in order to engage with customers and help improve your sales.

Digital Signage Solutions.
Cloud-Based Software.

How PageMan Works:

PageMan’s cloud-based, Digital Signage Solution makes it easy for you to upload, manage, schedule and distribute content to your customers via digital displays. Your content is uploaded to the Cloud and then distributed to your devices according to the specified Schedules, where it is stored and played locally. No need for continuous streaming makes PageMan the definitive choice in Digital Signage Solutions!

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PageMan Overview

What do you need to run Digital Signage?

Digital Screen
Media Player
Internet Connection
Digital Signage software

PageMan Features

PageMan’s Cloud-based Digital Signage Solution has a number of features that can benefit your business:
Cloud-hosted Software

PageMan uses Cloud-hosted software technology to upload and store content – making it easily accessible aswell as easy to use.

Picture in Picture Capability
You can play a smaller live screen within your running schedule, taking up a portion percentage of the larger screen. Stable off-the-shelf technology.
Touch Functionality

PageMan Touch allows customers to physically interact with screens by changing content.

Tagging Capability

Tagging lets you change Playlists easily depending on what temporary content you would like to show, making it easier than ever to change content at any time.

Custom Widgets

Our various flexible PageMan packages allow you to add your very own custom created Widgets in order to enrich media delivery at certain times and locations.

Layered Playlist
Layered Playlists help you plan and manage media centrally across regions and sub-regions.
Advanced Scheduling

PageMan allows business owners and managers to set up and manage their schedules across multiple organisations and devices.


Zones allows you to split your screen display up into more than one “block”/ These individual “blocks” can play a different Schedule or Playlist in each zone, therefore having two or more sets of media playing simultaneously on one screen.

Where can PageMan be used?

Types of industries where Digital Signage would be beneficial:

PageMan Pricing Guide

Choose from either our Standard or Professional Edition licence packages to suit your business needs!

You can also learn more about PageMan and the Product Features through our FAQs in our Help Center and you’re ready, just head over to our sign up page to start your 14 day FREE trial or sign up straight away!

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